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    Putting it in 4x4 mode

    Pretty sure some folks in TX are in 4wd right now........
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    2023 Rear Marker Lights Inop

    I have the same worry. My front right just went out (worked fine first 1K miles). They are LED and should last forever. Your case is actually giving me hope that it's not a wire as that repair would be a gong show I'm sure. I unplugged the light right at the fixture and tried to take an ohm and...
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Ok, gonna reset the truck just in case any of my FS mods caused one fender light to go out? See my post #486. Two trucks and plenty of FS mods, never had to revert anything. I backed up every single module individually so I would like some advice. Would I be better downloading the complete...
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Scratching my head on this one. My passenger front fender light is out. Only 1k miles on truck. I was able to access the plug right behind it and with the lights on, there is no power to that one light/plug. The same light on driver side is working fine. Since there is no power to the plug, I’m...
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    Have gen2s become that cheap ???

    All the posts/comments about how mad those that paid ADM are gonna be when prices drop make me laugh. I paid 5K over for the "Exact" truck I wanted, and the key, when I wanted. Color, options, year etc, and it will not be possible for me to care less about used car prices in 5 years or so when I...
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    2023 Delivered, Finally

    Agreed, I really like them on the AMB. Here's mine. Note, I have full PPF on the entire truck so when going over the decals, they pick up some gloss. Meaning the decals are actually matte finish and look great both ways. Also, if you're thinking of going full ppl, most films offer templates that...
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    GEN3 Forscan

    I’m not sure and someone correct me if I’m wrong but auto fold and auto high beam have been around for a while. That’s not what people are coding with forscan. They’re coding Lincoln auto fold if they would like that set up, and glare free headlights. Both very different than what you mentioned.
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    Reverse mirror tilt

    Tried tonight on my 23 and no luck
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Sorry, full XPel ultimate. And the shop is opening second location so they’ll be around should and issue arise
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    Power Steps

    Had them on last two F150’s for combined 9 years without even a single glitch. They come down much lower and facilitate much easier entry for my kids. I like the look much better.
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    $6500 - top rated shop. I’ve done all my vehicles for years and I’m very happy with the work. Looks better than new and with the self healing film will stay that way
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    Tailgate appliqué installation

    Aluminium wont rust, I wouldn't worry about the holes. Your call but you'll never remove it so it's one and done.
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Thanks, pretty sure I ordered that off of Etsy. Now if I could only find it for the two locations on the hood!
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    First Sticky - Gen3 Owner Pics

    Alright fellas, here's some AMB pics of a 23 with the Black wheels. Love this thing. Entire vehicle has Xpel PPF with 20% tint on the front roll ups and 70% on all the other glass.
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    Power Steps

    Shoot, not sure where I read 50 posts. Will take me a while to get to 100 as the factory raptor boards are extremely nice and need a good home soon.
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    Does anyone here know a mechanic in the Atlanta area?

    Great question, I would love a recommendation too. TIA
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    Power Steps

    New AMP’s installed on my AMB 23! Love this thing. I personally installed the steps and I’m extremely impressed by the OEM type quality. If I didn’t know better, I would say they make them private label for Ford as my 2017 king ranch had power runningboards and these are almost identical. Truck...
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    Bluecruise in 2023 Ford Raptor

    Post #14 is dealer going extra mile to calibrate after 2wheel alignment.
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    Why did my truck come with a tint?

    You paid for it. Whoever tinted it billed the service department. Service dept. billed vehicle stock number (charge to new car Dept basically). In TX, many dealers tint all vehicles as the go thru PDI. Regardless, you said you paid the previously agreed price. Unless that was below MSPR, you...
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Do the global windows. You will love that functionality
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    GEN3 Forscan

    Well, have Glarefree turned on via Forscan (Nov 21st, 2022 build) and all seems to be fine. menu is activated in Sync as well. Now wondering based on what I just read in this thread if nothing happened. Lighting at night seems to be fantastic but I've never had this type of lighting so not sure...
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    Full xpel wrap on my 37pp

    Thanks for sharing. I drop my 23 off on Tuesday for full XPel and full tint.
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    Heated Wheel Retrofit

    Why can't we let the $140 credit go. By that rationale we should be able to go to the parts department, buy every part for said Raptor, assemble every nut, bolt, and whatever, build the entire truck, align, program, and top off fluids for MSRP. LOL. Actually, $140 may be generous as Ford's...
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    Mileage at Delivery

    We'll, today my AMB Raptor is going home with ME! Question, for those who have taken delivery, what mileage is everyone seeing on the truck? Mine had 59 miles. To me, that actually quite a few. Cheers
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    Break-ins through door handles

    Maybe a stupid question as I might have missed it when reading thru all 12 pages. I get how thieves are getting into the trucks (glass break, door lock, etc) but how are they starting them without the key to steal?