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    Morimoto Opinions

    I have the amber ones. I love them.
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    How do I add a front camera to a 2010 6.2

    I have a 2010. The front camera didn’t exist there. I have the factory nav unit so the rear camera already works. I had to replace my grille and snagged one. Surprise was it had a front camera. How do I get the front camera to work or do I need to switch radios with a Tesla style screen or a...
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Don't have it handy. Everything was within factory spec though - I'm sure there is a preferred alignment setting though. New tires shouldn't require an alignment. I did a total front end rebuild so mine was necessary.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    I didn't look close enough. I thought they were the reinforced and trussed ones. Thats what I was wondering the point of.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    What is the point of this? New to raptors.
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    Need selection advice- Gen 1 Supercharged.

    As someone who owns a previous Canadian raptor, get the American owned one.
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    Gen 3 to Gen 1 consideration

    I don't get the idea of holding a vehicle as an investment. I think in the long run you'll have a better ROI on a gen 1. But just drive your truck dude.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Alignment getting done this week. It already needed one. I won't be running 37s. the 35s are plenty sufficient. Mainly my truck is going to be used for overlanding and light trails in the PNW whenever I don't take my OBS bronco. I plan on doing the deavers in the rear eventually but that is...
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Took it back to the shop. Member that popping sound I mentioned? When working on it they bent a mudflap somehow. The wheel rubbed on the mudflap when turning left. Crisis adverted.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Got my struts, shocks, strut mounts, eibach springs, and cv axles replaced. Only issue is now when I turn left it pops and you can feel it. Taking it back to the shop. Not sure what it is. Probably something with the driver cv axle.
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    Yes! Finally back in a Gen 1!!

    I say do the bumper and flares in sem hot rod black. I have that on misc. parts on my bronco. The finish is great.
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    Yes! Finally back in a Gen 1!!

    What wheels are these? I'm about to copy you.
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    Best front diff for front off replacement - 2010 6.2

    So I don’t really NEED the front diff done but I would like it done for instances where I don’t drive my bronco. The bronco has Yukon zip lockers (air lockers copied from ARB). I obviously have a rear e locker but want something for the front in the raptor. Does the torsen just swap in or is...
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    What am I missing on my front end rebuild?

    Doing both upper control arms now using OEM replacements through my contact at a Ford service center. It just made too much sense to do them. Also doing front fluid change. Lowerball joints are still good so I'm leaving them for now.
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    In the current market, what is the best upgraded head unit for a 2010 with Nav?

    As stated I have a 2010 with Nav. I want to upgrade the radio itself because sync1 is so outdated. I looked into it and there is a Maestro kit. Any there any bezels that match the factory bezel pattern or can I retrofit a standard doubledin in place of the factory unit?
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    Moisture Inside Rear Cab After Rain

    Mine is leaking at the satellite radio antenna and leaking down the grip handle.
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    Transmission Temp gauge not getting up to temp

    Issue appears to have worked itself out? Maybe a faulty gauge. I will monitor it over the next few weeks.
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    Transmission Temp gauge not getting up to temp

    Is it actually in the trans or hopefully mounted on the outside?