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    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    Good guy and good service twice over. PM sent with POC details.
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    Low mileage

    2014, Roush Package installed prior to dealer delivery, Sp Edition, 880 miles when purchased from original owner in '20 for $68K. Still with shrink plastic on step down assist, shocks and owners manual. Now with 17K; too fun not to drive!
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    Ravelco vs. Kill Switch

    Ravelco for both my '14 RR and '21 Landcruiser. I can replace the broken window(s) from the failed theft attempt with ins. but not the vehicles as they don't (and won't) make em anymore. Both with under dash bracket location.
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    Biden Administration Quietly Raised Amount of Ethanol Required in Gasoline from 10% to 15%

    Have a '14 6.2 Roush and using 93 oct Premium. Any need for concern here with the extra ETOH?
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    Here is my truck

    How'd you like the Hankook AT2's?
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    Front grille shutters never close?

    Echo J P above. Their website is replete with info that made it look pretty theft-proof such as 40 yrs of installs without one vehicle theft. Could be they're fabricating all the positives but their provenance suggests its legit. If was just a generic replaceable ride, would probably pass; let...
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    Front grille shutters never close?

    Opportunity to hear differently; Ravelco's been good to me twice over -> '14 R Raptor and '21 Land Cruiser
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    GEN 1 Daily Driving with Supercharger

    2014 Roush get 15+ but keep the stomps to a minimum and CC at 65
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    2nd times the charm.. Stolen

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    What a choice...

    Paid $68k for my '14 SED Roush with 800 miles last summer. Too much? Maybe so but it was that and be pleased with 6.2L and steel or buy new maxed F150 for 85k+ and tolerating it. Chose to save the 15-20k and have been delighted. Wasn't specifically seeking a Raptor, just worked out that way...
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    Raptor Owners stick together

    Grew up in the country, mostly dirt roads and raised index finger/head nod common, meeting and passing. Now probably received with "What's his angle?" and raised middle. Miss the former, Raptor or not.
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    How did you come to afford your raptor?

    Pullin teeth; round 700k of em. Fixin broke faces at 0300 through a heady bouquet of beer/vomit All by God's grace!