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  1. Bekari

    Show off your latest pics

    Yep, was not that hard, though keeping it in one place is pain in ass Not there, 10-12 meters further ;)
  2. Bekari

    Show off your latest pics

  3. Bekari

    Mud Grapplers

    Wanted to share my experience with this tires. As name suggest they are really good in Mud. Yes they are very heavy, very noisy but I do not use this truck as daily, it's my offroad vehicle so humming on tarmac is not problem. Had first real snow trip in my truck on 37x13.5/17 Nitto Mud...
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    Show off your latest pics

  5. Bekari

    Random Raptor video thread

    Had a lot of fun in snow. And almost hit other vehicle too :oops:
  6. Bekari

    Took stock Raptor to offroad trip

    I am in Georgia (Country, not US state), I do have mud tires, Nitto Mud grapplers (They are on my gen 2), but wanted to go and test what fully stock gen3 can do. About clearance, when snow is packed and skid plate slides over it it's pretty much done.
  7. Bekari

    Took stock Raptor to offroad trip

    Hello Everyone, Yesterday took my 21 raptor to offroad trip, lot's of snow, lot's of mud and ice. Was only stock vehicle there, and only one on all terrain tires. all others had mud terrains or Mud terrains + chains. Good: it can do everything big offroading beasts can do, in snow you just...
  8. Bekari

    Random Raptor video thread

    First snow here finally :D yizmtXcJiJg
  9. Bekari

    Built truck 7000 miles away.

    Doing it as often as I can :) here some videos:
  10. Bekari

    Built truck 7000 miles away.

    Can't describe how good Nick is, I am from Georgia (country in Europe not state in US). It took more then year to build my truck, including ordering pieces, delivering it in US based mail forwarding company, delivering it to Georgia, clearing customs, installing them etc. etc. But end result is...
  11. Bekari

    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    Mine was doing same thing, local dealership changed whole exhaust on warranty. So far 2 weeks with new one and it's fine.
  12. Bekari

    Show off your latest pics

    Not latest pic but just before bumper installation
  13. Bekari

    Show off your latest pics

    KHC Bumper
  14. Bekari

    My Gen 2 and Gen 3 on same hill

    So this hill is where I usually test my vehicles suspension. Gen 2 in video is modified it has Icon 3.0 shocks, Alcon breaks, Icon control arms, Deavers +3, 37x13.5 tires, Borla Atak exhaust and so on. Gen 3 is fully stock 37pp. Gen2 has 2.5 inch more clearance. In both cases tire pressure...
  15. Bekari

    What tires are everyone running?

    Mud Grapplers, absolute beast of tire for off-roading
  16. Bekari

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    New radiator, old one started to leak after 125000 km (77k or so miles)
  17. Bekari

    Most aggressive looking a/t tire but not M/t

    Don't know how much it helps but recently i got Maxxiss Razr AT, 37x12.5/17. Mostly got them as highway tires as my Mud Grapplers are very noisy but had to do little offroading too on my trip in mountain passes. They did good job in rain (including really heavy rain with hail) and little hit if...
  18. Bekari

    Problem with Icon 3.0 + Alcon Brakes + Fuel Zephyr 101D combo

    First of all sorry for may bad Englis, non native. Long story short, have 2018 Raptor, plan was to install, alcon breaks, new wheels, upgrade shocks to 3.0, deaver +3 HD, ADV +2 fenders and bedsides and 37 Nitto mud grapplers. Installed Icon shocks, deavers, so truck is lifted a bit. Installed...