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  1. tojo9662

    B&O Upgrades

    I think surround sound better.
  2. tojo9662

    Dash Speakers

    Hello. Has anyone replaced the front dash speakers in a 21 raptor? and with what?
  3. tojo9662

    B&O Upgrades

    The B&O system sounds good, just not enough volume for me. i like my Rock to Rock. I had the door speakers replaced with Rockford Fosgate, and the sub replaced with 2 12 inch RF Subs mounted in a custom Raptor box under the rear seat. All these are powered by a RF amplifier and left everything...
  4. tojo9662

    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    I have had my truck in twice for this issue. The dealership kept it overnight to do a cold start and said they heard nothing, but when I start it, it sounds like a freaking lawn mower. Are they deaf or do they just not want to acknowledge there is a problem? When Ford comes up with a solution...
  5. tojo9662

    Texas Proud

    Hello from Texas. This seems like it will be a great place to learn and share.