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  1. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    Oh man, I’m at 38. Is yours a ‘22 or ‘23? I don’t understand what the hold up is. Is it actual shipping delay, or is it parts?
  2. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    Misery loves company
  3. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    That’s so funny. I’m glad to hear you DID end up getting it. Enjoy every minute of it! One of these days I’ll be telling my sob story while driving my new truck.
  4. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    My ETA has changed so many times. My salesman was ignorant enough to tell me my truck was “in transit” when I was told by FP, and saw on the tracker, that it’s still awaiting shipping. I got excited in hopes he knew something no one else did, only to find out my ETA has now been pushed back...
  5. bobbylights

    My 2023 37 is here but…

    My truck was built 11/20. “Awaiting shipping”. I was supposed to get to the dealership by 12/20 now 12/26. They don’t even know where it is. They can’t seem to track anything in my case. Ford performance chat and that phone number have been no help sadly.
  6. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    I’m in the same boat. Built 11/20 and waiting on shipping. No updates and no one can tell me anything. I’m trying not to lose my excitement over getting a new truck, but it’s been a 1.5 year process and still waiting
  7. bobbylights

    Mileage at Delivery

    I’m so jealous of all these trucks being delivered. Why is mine taking so long to ship!!!
  8. bobbylights

    In production, sent offsite

    It’s been frustrating. I will probably stop checking for a while. I chatted with FP again too today and was told the same thing. “ that’s what the computer tells me”. No updates, still waiting on shipping. I’ve read horror stories about it taking months for shipping. I hope my truck isn’t...
  9. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    Blend date 10/28. Built 11/20 Waiting on shipping… I was crazy enough to think I could get it this year.
  10. bobbylights

    Reputable shop in SoCal?

    Baja HQ does a good job. I’ve sent several trucks there. It’s in San Juan Capistrano.
  11. bobbylights

    Build week of 10/31/22!

    Me too! Now just waiting shipping. I heard there could be a train strike soon
  12. bobbylights

    22' Raptor Comes Tonight!!!!

    Yeah mine is rail. Strike might happen Dec 9 I heard. My truck is supposed to get delivered to the dealership Dec 14-20. Fingers crossed
  13. bobbylights

    22' Raptor Comes Tonight!!!!

    I’m waiting on shipping, but I just heard there may be a train strike. Worst timing ever. As if I haven’t been waiting long enough…
  14. bobbylights

    Baja Designs/4x4sPOD Black Friday 2022

    Fingers crossed you have the squadron behind the grille light kit on sale tomorrow!
  15. bobbylights

    In production, sent offsite

    I did order a spray in bed liner. Hopefully that’s the case. Good to know!
  16. bobbylights

    In production, sent offsite

    After over a year wait, my truck is finally getting built. My excitement has lead me to check the tracker often . I contacted Ford Performance last week because of all the delay nightmares I read about on this forum. The blend date was 10/28. As far as I know there haven’t been any delays...
  17. bobbylights

    Build Week 10/24/2022

    I’ve got a blend date of 10/28. Hoping things keep moving along! At this point I’m just excited that something is happening.
  18. bobbylights

    22 37 Package Delivered

    Great looking truck, congratulations!
  19. bobbylights

    My 2023 Ford Raptor is in production!!!

    So awesome! I’m in the same boat. Blend date is next Friday. Im hoping to get mine before Christmas. Let’s hope they keep getting parts!
  20. bobbylights

    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    I’ve got a window sticker and blend date of 10/28. I never got an updated email from Ford, but it says it’s in production now. I just keep hoping I’m the exception to everything I read on here. I changed my order from a 37pp to a 35 because my dealer told me I’d get one much sooner. Seems to...
  21. bobbylights

    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    Good question. As far as I know, I don’t have a window sticker yet. Where can you check to see if you do? I downloaded the FordPass app, which recognizes my vehicle, but nothing more.
  22. bobbylights

    My 2023 rolled order just got scheduled for 10/17/22. 37 package, Avalanche Grey

    My order got changed from 10/17 to 10/24. I have a VIN so I’m sure it’ll get built. I just hope it’s sooner than later!
  23. bobbylights

    In production for 2 months is this normal?

    I have an expected build date of 10/17. I got an email from Ford yesterday saying “ sorry for the delay” but no change in build date. I’m hoping that was just a generic email and my build date won’t change. I’m not holding my breath. I’ve waited over a year so far, but do have a vin now!
  24. bobbylights

    Baja lights

    I’m looking at the same thing. If you find anything, let me know. $1500 is steep!