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  1. TurboFlex

    2022 Ford Raptor F-150 Beadlock Wheels Rims Tires BFG KO2 37"

    Anyone know an inexpensive shipper? PA here!
  2. TurboFlex

    If you truck was built with 801A and Pro Power After Mid October, you will be waiting!

    Ladies and Gents, these are unprecedented times for our world today. Fords business had been greatly affected by the astronomical increases in cost to do business. Manufacturing is crippled today due to SUPPLY CHAIN and INFLATION. These issues will continue to get worse before turning for better...
  3. TurboFlex

    Lomax Tonneau Cover from Offroad Alliance

    Thinking of going for the LOMAX matte black finish trifold hard cover. It's taken me a few weeks to decide on matte black vs. the black urethane finish. For my truck.... I think matte black would look best. Aybody want to share some perspective?
  4. TurboFlex

    MY21 Raptor Will Convert to MY22 for Unscheduled

    The choice is to convert/rollover or cancel the orders. They are trying to maintain the sale. Supply chain issues will remain as there is no end in sight.