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    Premium Fuel

    on my 2019 platinum i always used 87, when i end up in a raptor it will be tuned to require a minimum of 91.
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    i read your thread, it had some valid items. However i am almost deadset on buying one, slapping a blower on, and taking it to send city... very similar to my LBZ... big tune, trans goes boom.. big turbo... heads go boom.... bad fuel.. injectors went.... all hopped up... piston went...
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    Interesting…. My plan was to install it myself, and get a base tune on it before taking it in to be dialed up on the dyno.
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    It may look like I need to rethink my budgeting? Are we talking the typical Covid 30% increase or is this going to be a 20k undertaking ?
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    only towing a 24 foot flat bed with 2 3500 lbs axles. or a 6k~ fiberglass boat...The rating is 8k per "internet research" (we know how reliable this is) which puts me just under.
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    Cant promise i won't daily a prius! :-p i witnessed a whipped gen 1 which got me all sorts of interested. The weather here is terrible 1/2 the year or id simply have a SD and a mustang. The key is a combination of something i can red-light cruise, modify and enjoy. The additional ability of...
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    I 1000% agree the markup on the R is going to be insane. I was referencing once it launches more gen 1/2/3s may hit the market, increasing supply, lowering prices across the used market.
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    37 vs 35 Gen 3.

    it would appear some trimming and a set of 37s will make a 35 truck a 37..... for all practical intents and purposes :-p
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    Talked myself into a Gen 1

    Looks like a Clean Truck!
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    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    I am looking at getting into my next truck! I am a huge ford guy... (previous few, 19 SD, 19 3.5, 15 5.0, 14 3.5..) i went in to order a 2022... i was shocked at being 20 over sticker plus a year wait or ****..... i walked out frustrated (purchased 7 new vehicles from the same sales team since...
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    Should I pay 15k over for a 2022 37package?

    it does not seem like a smart play.
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    Gas Mileage

    I was hoping to get at least 12 this gives me hope!