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  1. M60gunr


    I have the PowerStop's. Love em.
  2. M60gunr


    I canceled my order for my Gen3 back in February and every few months they send me an e-mail saying that even though my order is still delayed, that they are working on it and that they will update me again soon. So, not sure how much whoever is in charge of these update e-mails actually knows.
  3. M60gunr

    Brake Parts Advice/Opinions Appreciated

    I replaced mine with Powerstop rotors/pads. So far, not one complaint. Very happy with them.
  4. M60gunr

    Anyone else thinking EV swap?

    HELL NAW! Evertime I crank up my 6.2 and hear that V-8 rumble, It puts a smile on my face.
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    Got an Email update from ford today. Ordered 01/21/22

    Yep. I got an e-mail stating that they apologize for the delay and I will be scheduled for production as soon as possible. I ordered in June 15th 2021 and canceled my order Feb. 7th 2022.
  6. M60gunr

    Brake system upgrades?

    I have Power Stop drilled/slotted rotors and the Power Stop pads on my Gen1. Have had them on for about 5 months now and love them so far. Problem I was encountering with the stock oem rotors was warping. Went through 3 sets of rotors since 2014 prior to purchasing Power Stops. So far have not...
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    Ford Raptor R July 18th Video

    All yours for $110k plus a $15K ADM and a year wait for delivery.
  8. M60gunr

    Recommendations for new Brakes?

    I recently put Power Stops on mine. Been about 3 months and I absolutely love them. Highly recommend.
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    Austin, TX (central TX) Raptor Meetup

    Check out our group on FB. "Central Texas Raptors." Not sure how to send you an invite on here, but all our events, info, etc are posted on there.
  10. M60gunr

    MY23 Information!

    I felt same as I waited 8 months for my 2021 that never materialized. I ended up deciding to cancel my order and keep my Gen1, which at this point am very happy with my decision. I wish all waiting for a Gen3 good luck and maybe at some point in the future when ADM's go away, I will try again.
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    GEN 1 Both front calipers need replacing

    If you are looking to replace your calipers, I highly recommend Power Stop. I just upgraded all 4 rotors with their drilled / slotted totors and pads. Amazing difference. I'm at 92,000 now, so once mine are in need of replacing that is what I will be going with. Quite a bit cheaper than Brembo.
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    What raptor look do u like better? Gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3?

    I'm Gonna go with Gen1. (Not just because I own one) I do like many of the tech upgrades of the Gen3, but really don't like that 3.5 ecoboost and turbos are always a problem eventually. I actually has a Gen3 on order for 8 months before canceling it due to frustrations waiting for a build date...
  13. M60gunr

    Was There a Time When…

    2014 Gen1 owner here. 92,000 miles and I have no plans of getting rid of it anytime soon. I did originally want a Gen3 but every time I start my truck and hear that 6.2, it makes me smile and I'm happy I stuck with my Gen1
  14. M60gunr

    Thanks Ford! Just got this Email…

    I received the same thing from Ford Friday, and I canceled my order Feb 1st.
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    Steering wheel peeling/scratched

    My Gen1 steering wheel had a cracking/peeling issue. Took it in and was covered under warranty no questions asked. Mine cracked on the outside edge at the 11 o'clock position and was beginning to peel a little bit.
  16. M60gunr

    Anyone here ordered Sept/Oct and still unscheduled like me?

    I had exact same situation. Ordered MY21 June 15, 2021. Converted to MY22 Nov. 10th. Zone rep kept saying it was coming but still Unscheduled-Clean 3 months later. I finally decided in Feb to cancel my order and keep my 2014 Gen1 for a couple more years. I do love my truck and the 6 2 so I'm...
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    Cyber Orange Raptor is SOLD

    It appears some sorry sap just may have paid that for it, because when I click on the link it says the vehicle is no longwr available.
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    Raptor Accessories

    Anyone know a website similar to Raptor Addict that carries a wide variety of Raptor accessories? I went to go on the Raptor Addict website and it appears the went belly up.
  19. M60gunr

    Buying a high mileage raptor

    I thought for some reason it was an option when I ordered my 2014. Maybe I am mistaken. I obviously wanted the 6.2 regardless. This engine has been great!
  20. M60gunr

    Buying a high mileage raptor

    Is the 2014 the 5.4 or 6.2? I have the 6.2 and just recently decided to cancel my order for a 2022 and keep my Gen 1. I LOVE my 2014 and would take that engine over the ecoboost all day long. But, some may feel otherwise. Just my personal opinion. If the vehicle was well maintained and taken...
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    Canceled order

    Well, my Gen 1 only has 90K miles and is in excellent condition. I was actually ok with canceling and just waiting another year or so for production to catch up. When I ordered my 2014, I had my build date 3 weeks after order date and my truck in 3 months.
  22. M60gunr

    Canceled order

    My situation was somewhat similar. I waited 5 months for a build date for a 2021 and nothing. Converted to a 2022 and waited 3 more months. Still no build date. Zone Rep kept saying truck was coming, but I think something was up and he didn't want dealer to tell me. I just got tired of the...
  23. M60gunr

    Ford to suspend and cutback at 8 plants

    I've got 91,000 miles on mine. Truck guy at dealership I bought it from tried offering me $38K for it. I told him he could have it when my22 arrived, but now that I'm keeping my Gen1; thinking of a few more mods
  24. M60gunr

    Canceled my 2022 order today

    I currently have a Gen 1 with the 6.2. Best truck I ever owned and at least it doesn't sound like a v-6 mosquito fart. So, guess no loss afterall.
  25. M60gunr

    Canceled my 2022 order today

    Original order was a 2021 that I ordered soon as orders were taken. And for your information, I have always disliked Dodges / Jeeps. So keep looking for your "Troll" because it ain't me my man.