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  1. AvalancheGrey2017

    Adaptive cruise control

    I have the bajamod ACC relocation kit (nick at apollo hooked it up). Puts it in the grill under the R. You have to remove about 3 of the motorized flaps and drill a couple of holes but it wasnt that bad, just a little nerve racking. I was concerned about the recalibration, but it seems to...
  2. AvalancheGrey2017

    What raptor look do u like better? Gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3?

    looks awesome. Makes me miss my vette. agree you are sitting on a collector car. If i was in the market for a track car these would be my first stop likely.
  3. AvalancheGrey2017

    Dyno comparison results for my 2017 stock tune vs MPT PR-X 93 tune

    Intercooler isnt necessarily giving lower temps. Its holding temps steadier for longer. stable temps equal stable power and less timing is pulled over time. i believe if you retain the factory bumper the COBB should slide right in.
  4. AvalancheGrey2017

    Time for new tires

    66 versus the falkens at 72. KO2s come in at 62 (all give or take) 16lbs aint to shabby compared to most of the other options being up over 70lbs a corner.
  5. AvalancheGrey2017

    Dyno comparison results for my 2017 stock tune vs MPT PR-X 93 tune

    Seems like there are plenty tuners out there and plenty of parts for all of us to choose from. For what its worth I went with a COBB stock location intercooler which dwarfs the stock one while retaining the fans. A once over on the actual intercooler says its a solid unit. Only so much...
  6. AvalancheGrey2017

    Time for new tires

    I just threw on toyo open country at3s. So far so good for the 60 miles Ive put on them. Much quieter than my outgoing KO2s but I will admit those were load range E and came on the used truck (zero experience with the Cs). That said took them in all sorts of terrain and never had an issue...
  7. AvalancheGrey2017

    Insurance: What the Fr*ck!

    My rates with USAA are decent (don't remember what off the top of my head). Undoubtedly after over a decade with them I could find the same coverage for less. What I think I can't find elsewhere is the customer service and ease they provide. I have heard to many horror stories from other...
  8. AvalancheGrey2017

    Free Stock leaf springs and stock intercooler

    PMed you, might be able to help
  9. AvalancheGrey2017

    Zen Carbon Fiber Custom Steering Wheel

    man these are insane. both examples posted are fantastic. now which kidney to sell.
  10. AvalancheGrey2017

    Anyone know any info about an IWE hose TSB?

    challenge here is whats occurring within your hubs. I had the horrible grind a year ago and replaced the check valve myself as it takes all of 15 seconds. All the obvious grinds immediately disappeared. What didn't disappear was the very slight rattle/grind on initial acceleration. You could...
  11. AvalancheGrey2017

    Raptor lifestyle….if you need a laugh

    This was great. There are some other good ones my friends razzed me with recently, but they cross the nsfw line.
  12. AvalancheGrey2017

    How concerning is buying a G2 without Cam Phasers addressed?

    Ford will 100% take your money for anything. Just to add an additional data point, I have a 2017 with over 50k on it. I did have the reprogram and it was just in for another grind under warranty where I asked them to take a look at the phaser. No issues, and no issues prior to the reprogram...
  13. AvalancheGrey2017

    First time caller, Long time listener.. NoVA

    Welcome from a fellow NoVA guy! Grew up in love with lightnings....still in love with lightnings excluding the new electric, which has its place but is not for me. I do like my mach-e though.
  14. AvalancheGrey2017

    22 Oxford White. 1st time Raptor/Truck Owner

    Love the white! I thought I was getting a white truck, photos in the FS ad looked white, description was listed as white - drove 4 hours to Pittsburghish area to pick it was not white. Good news is I like the avalanche grey better, but only by pure happenstance. All my other cars are...
  15. AvalancheGrey2017

    VIDEO | Wastegate or Cam Phaser Rattle on cold startup?

    I dropped in a turbosmart veeport BOV, no more rattles - and a nice little purge sound on start up and heavy throttle since its vent to atmosphere. Its a well made unit for sure in comparison to the plastic stock box.
  16. AvalancheGrey2017

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Got it back from the shop! Nothing like a CPO warranty. All new front wheel bearings, hubs, and IWE assemblies. All new front axle seals and passenger drive shaft. All new front pinion seal. All new front output shaft seal. Brake flush wasnt free. No more nasty grinds from the IWE and no more...
  17. AvalancheGrey2017

    A-10 Warthogs-Raptor in the Desert = AMERICA!!

    great shots of the truck. where is that 1200mm lens for the a-10 shots?! hands down one of the coolest planes we have ever built. right there with the sr-71s.
  18. AvalancheGrey2017

    2022 Ford Raptor Winner!

    Wow, and here I was convinced that all these win a car things were a huge scam! Congrats on the truck, maybe not so much on the accompanying tax bill. Welcome to the forum!
  19. AvalancheGrey2017

    New member from PNW.

    love the red! welcome to your latest addiction.
  20. AvalancheGrey2017

    Long winded Gen 1 VS Gen 2

    we have similar tastes. balvenie and macallen are my favorites. Cant stand the peaty stuff. if you get a chance take a look at the 21 year balvenie aged in port barrels. now thats a treat. been into japenese whiskey as of late....great stuff out there rivaling a lot of bourbons.
  21. AvalancheGrey2017

    Ford Raptor Technic Kit

    the real question is do i have to take my fully built kit apart to get the lights in properly...
  22. AvalancheGrey2017

    Looking for opinion about bumper install

    probably best to just give ADD a call. Im not a fan of cutting anything myself - went for bolt on bumpers for that reason, but i am a sucker for a nice dovetail.
  23. AvalancheGrey2017

    Trading in Gen 2 - do you strip exterior mods?

    and there you have it! make some extra cash. easiest sale yet.
  24. AvalancheGrey2017

    What raptor look do u like better? Gen 1 Gen 2 gen 3?

    pics of that beast of a c5?! I do love a good c5 zo6. agree whole heartedly with that very last sentence. easy way to sum up my ramblings.