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  1. Andrew_

    AMS Intercooler and Charge Pipes

    Who did you buy your lights from?
  2. Andrew_

    Truck really wanted star bucks... anyone else get this light?
  3. Andrew_

    Keyfob Boosting - Thefts

    Keyless entry uses rolling code technology. Meaning the code used for the last unlock is never used again. Both the truck and the key fob have the list of codes to use next, once the last code is used it is discarded and the truck looks for the next code down the list. So if you get the code...
  4. Andrew_

    2019 Raptor - 2 dead batteries within 12 months

    Also check your battery temperature sensor and mount. Vibration, shock, and poor temperature management can easily cause premature failure.
  5. Andrew_

    GEN 2 Spark Plug Change - How Often?

    Yes, all new trucks come with platinum spark plugs as standard equipment. Platinum plugs easily last 100K miles. After that the gap starts to erode beyond spec which puts a higher load on the spark plug's coil, how long they last after that is anyone's guess but I've seen plugs last 200k miles.
  6. Andrew_

    How do you guys like the ride of a 2019 raptor

    I’ll put it to you this way: My friends at the gym were all complaining about “suspension destroying speed bumps” put in about a month ago. I’ve been driving my ‘19 Raptor to the gym and was like “what speed bumps?”
  7. Andrew_

    GEN 2 Ac drip line location

    Dripping after shutoff is normal. However mine drips right on the exhaust pipe, you can hear the water boiling when it hits the hot exhaust. Is this right?
  8. Andrew_

    Driving to Ensenada

    I used to bring dogs across the border for a rescue in Tijuana. The law states (for coming to the US) you have to have the vaccination records for the dogs but I was never asked for it. As long as you have less than 4 dogs or so they don’t care. The Mexican officials don’t care about bringing...
  9. Andrew_

    Dash Cam and Wiring

    What is that black bracket you have in the tray? Also what brand of camera is that?
  10. Andrew_

    Warning: Rear back-up assist is pretty corner-blind

    Haha, a day too late. Just backed into another vehicle where the same thing happened, it beeped after I hit the vehicle. :mad:
  11. Andrew_

    Radio sreen locks up.

    If you hold the power button and the next track button (->) for about 5 seconds it will force Sync to reboot. Happens to me occasionally and it fixes it every time. I can even fix it while I’m on the freeway.
  12. Andrew_

    How screwed am I

    Why are you changing the plugs at 28k? Those are platinum plugs good for at least 100K miles.
  13. Andrew_

    Been waiting on my 2019 order for nearly 5 months

    Hi all, Looking for reccomendations here. I have an order for a 2019 Raptor with Jason Burke at Ford or Murfreesboro TN. I placed the order on September 5th. He said it would get pulled in October. I have been inquiring with him about every 2 weeks or so and it STILL hasn't been pulled by...
  14. Andrew_

    Ordering 2019 FORD RAPTOR is Dealer telling the truth

    Wow, I placed my order in late September with Ford of Murfreesboro in TN at sticker and I’m still waiting for it to be pulled. I’m debating cancelling and going with another dealer.
  15. Andrew_

    Agate black with blue accents?

    Curious what you think about ordering an agate black 2019 raptor with the blue accent Recaros? I’m concerned it will look weird. It seems blue accent is the only way to get the recaros. I’m not a fan of the blue exterior.