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  1. bgmik3

    Anybody got under seat storage ?

    do you guys know of any that options like the deezee with drawer access that fit under the single passenger rear seat only? I've got a car seat on the single, and the other seat is typically folded up with a velcro molle panel w/ attachments
  2. bgmik3

    2022 F150 Raptor Bed Products - Tonneau or Rack/Bar?

    As far as install, i'm not sure it gets much easier than installing a cover yourself. Line it up and clamp it down for the most part. Definitely wouldn't pay someone to do it. I've had a Bak Revolver x2 for 7 years that I love. Great mix being a hard rolling cover. They've revised it, new...
  3. bgmik3

    Tonneau cover buying guide

    By any chance do you know if the PE Ultragroove cover fits with the built right molle bed racks in regard to how the rails clamp to the bed? The PE clamps look larger than the typical universal-type clamps. Also do you have any deals on the PE Ultragroove w/ vinyl not metal top?