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  1. Kendv8s

    Raptor rock crawl
  2. Kendv8s

    White Knuckle Offroad Bolt-on Sliders for Gen2

    The White Knuckle Sliders don't attach to the body. The are mounted(bolted) directly to the frame of the truck. Like other bolt on sliders, there are several "arms" that extend from the slider to plates that sit flush on the frame. Bolts are then used to either clamp the plate or extend...
  3. Kendv8s

    White Knuckle Offroad Bolt-on Sliders for Gen2

    Good question. Most rock sliders with a "kick-out" or "flare" are at the rear. The reason being is as your are coming around an obstacle/rock, the flare will push the rear of the vehicle out more, allowing the rear tire to clear the obstacle. This based on my limited experience with sliders...
  4. Kendv8s

    White Knuckle Offroad Bolt-on Sliders for Gen2

    Based on my experience, you would need to come down on something pretty hard to apply that much force. Most often, sliders will come into contact with an object (Rock) at slow speed and allow the truck to "slide" over or around the object. There are some videos on their website showing RAM...
  5. Kendv8s

    White Knuckle Offroad Bolt-on Sliders for Gen2

    Many will question why someone would want to add rock sliders to a Raptor. So let's begin with the intended usage for my Raptor. Coming from a 2017 Toyota Tacoma, that was built for family camping and "Overlanding", the Raptor was purchased to give additional in-cab space and more power...
  6. Kendv8s

    Rear Wheel Well Rubbing With Stock 35s

    Exact same thing happened to my left rear wheel well. Ripped the metal and pinch welds apart. I'm going to try to put a couple rivets into the remaining sheet metal to prevent it from cutting the tire.
  7. Kendv8s

    Help! Baja Designs LP6 to upfitter

    I'm in the same situation and thought I had it figured out from all of the hard work done here. Here's my issue... I have (2) LP6 on a Swarfworks Elite Light Mount. I've cut the switch off and wired the two white wires together and to an upfitter switch. When I go to connect the positive...
  8. Kendv8s

    Baja Designs | New Release - Raptor 7 XL Linkable Kit

    Seriously interested in this setup, but the $1,750 price tag is just too much.