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  1. grantoser

    2021 Gen 3 Raptor For Sale - Code Orange

    Photo below
  2. grantoser

    2021 Gen 3 Raptor For Sale - Code Orange

    Any interest in an avalanche Grey 2017 plus cash?
  3. grantoser

    ADD frame cut or non frame cut front bumper

    Looking for a add frame cut or non frame cut front bumper. The closer to NW Arkansas the better. Thanks!
  4. grantoser

    XL80's and SDHQ Mounts

  5. grantoser

    ADD PRO V1 front bumper

    No way you’d ship it? Wish you were closer!
  6. grantoser

    FS: ADD PRO front bumper w/ rigid midnight edition light bar, and AMP powersteps

    I’d take the bumper without the light bar for $1000 shipped to 72758.
  7. grantoser

    Gen 2 ADD V1 Pro Frame Cut Bumper

    Sending you a pm now
  8. grantoser

    2014 Blue Raptor with Ford warranty! Custom wheels, tires, bumpers, paint, and more...

    2014 Ford Raptor. 85,000 miles with warranty until 119,000 miles. New brakes- pads AND rotors. New tires and wheels. ADD front and rear bumpers, rigid industries leds, bed cover. Paint matched flares. High end ceramic tint every window to cut down on summer heat. Corsa exhaust system. Loaded...
  9. grantoser

    2018 Leadfoot with custom wheels/tires/level/tint/bedcover- LOW miles and title in hand

    Perfect condition 2018 Ford Raptor with 19,xxx miles. $58,995 LOADED with every option except graphics. Tech package. PANO sunroof. Carbon fiber. I am first owner. I always take great care of my vehicles. Garage kept. Sadly this one has never been off road. Never been through a touch wash-...
  10. grantoser

    Bracket to run 8 rigid industries cubes behind grill?

    Is there a bracket out there to allow me to install the 8 rigid industries d2 Cubes behind my grill? I have 8 laying around off of my 2 gen 1 trucks I sold and want to figure out how to mount them up (already have fog lights)
  11. grantoser

    2017 TPMS Part #

    Sorry to revive this thread... trying to buy tpms sensors for my 2018 build date of April 2018. Where can I found out what frequency I need? Looks like 2017s were 315 frequency so do I take 433? If no one knows I’ll call ford tomorrow
  12. grantoser

    TPMS part number for 2018s?

    I heard that 2018s changed up tpms part numbers mid build year. How do I find out which tpms sensor I need? My build date was April 3rd 2018 Thanks!
  13. grantoser

    Actual mpg change: 37 bfg

    Very good point here....
  14. grantoser

    Actual mpg change: 37 bfg

    Anyone calculate actual mpg change moving up to 37 bfgs? I know I know who cares right? It’s our road trip truck and daily driver so just curious if the 10 speed helps minimize some of the mpg loss.
  15. grantoser

    35 inch Ridge Grappler OR 37 KO2? Question for ko2 owners!

    I’m trying to make my decision on what to stick on the truck next week. When I got my gen 2 I promised myself I’d stick with stock and that lasted about a week. This is my daily driver and our road trip truck so I’m curious what actual mpgs people are getting with 37 ko2s. I remember seeing...
  16. grantoser

    Icon 6 speed weight?

    Anyone know this icon 6 speed weight per wheel?
  17. grantoser

    DIY stereo upgrade for under $500.00

    This speaker change out does not effect the noise canceling in the truck right?