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  1. Otis857

    Eldorado Canyon...A must see on your Vegas Adventure

    I see Bruce Springsteen was there. :cool:
  2. Otis857

    Gen 1 Recon Headlights 264190bkcc smoked (Brand New)

    I gather these have the OEM halogen bulbs in them. The cost of upgrading bulbs from Recon is a bit steep. I wonder if they can be retrofitted with LED bulbs? Going to do some homework first. GLWS
  3. Otis857

    Gen 1 Recon Headlights 264190bkcc smoked (Brand New)

    Are these plug and play? Or do they use an external balast?
  4. Otis857

    Journey Through Time - Like Driving onto an Old Western Movie

    Great pics, John. Those Cholla gardens remind me of too many sticky memories on a dirt bike back in my younger days.
  5. Otis857

    Was There a Time When…

    I don't see it as a Gen 1 thread tribute as commentary on how the forum has changed over the years. More nostalgia than anything else.
  6. Otis857

    Was There a Time When…

    I bought my 2011 Gen 1 in SCab 2014 with 30K miles on it (less than 90K now so I'm keeping it). As a former banged up dirt bike desert racer, I was in the market for a new truck and nothing from the big 3 piqued my interest until I read about the Raptor. Back then, the new 2014's were all gone...
  7. Otis857

    Installing seat cover thread

    Well this past weekend I got off my a$$ and recovered my driver's seat. The cover was purchased from Richmond upholstery and I bought a new seat bottom foam and seat heater from Tasco. The video that Funkified posted above is a very helpful and made the job much easier. As for the seat covers...
  8. Otis857

    WTB Gen 1 BuiltRight bed side racks

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy some BuiltRight bedside racks and would prefer not to pay $350 plus tax & shipping. Anyone getting ready to sell their Gen 1 and want to get their racks gone? I'm in the Phoenix metro area. TIA
  9. Otis857

    Who’s always wanted to try this?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who detests Subaru drivers. Too many of them are like Jeep drivers and think they have the ONLY serious off road vehicles while they drive them like a Prius
  10. Otis857

    Installing seat cover thread

    I found the thread in the "How to's and FAQ" section (Duh). B E N did a nice write up for anyone else looking. Between Funkified's Youtube video and this thread, I should have no problems. FRFers always come through.
  11. Otis857

    Installing seat cover thread

    Thanks Funkified, I'll check it out
  12. Otis857

    Installing seat cover thread

    Yo Y'all. I saw a thread someone here posted a while back that was a real good step by step for installing replacement factory seat covers, but now I cant find it (Tried search already). I got the new bottom foam and a replacement heated seat thing From Tasca and even picked up some hogrings and...
  13. Otis857

    OEM brake part numbers

    I'd skip the stock pads. I went with Hawk Ceramic pads and saw a big difference in braking over stock. Lots of better choices than OEM out there to choose from.
  14. Otis857

    Tuscany Italy - Raptors on the loose

    Cool pics. We were in that area just last month for my daughter's wedding. They did the wedding at castello del Trebbio in the Tuscany area (Pontassieve), not far from Florence. Driving a Raptor on the tight and twisty roads i bet was a bit of a challenge, especially how fast the locals drive...
  15. Otis857

    WTB: OEM Upper Control Arms

    I saw some on offer up for Gen 2
  16. Otis857

    Judging interest

    I may be interested in the headlight housings. Are they for OEM projectors or set up for aftermarket? Shoot me a price shipped to 85304
  17. Otis857

    GEN 1 Dealership transmission flush

    Where did you order the pan from? cost?
  18. Otis857

    Gen 1 Paddle Shifter Kits

    Following. Be great to see a kit that doesnt require a steering wheel swap.
  19. Otis857

    Reverse camera issues

    Good to know. I had to replace the emblem with the newer style so it should just be a camera swap and I saved the stock wiring harness. So someday when I've had enough of it, I'll pick one up. Thanks for the link
  20. Otis857

    GEN 1 FINALLY ! After a year wait, My Trophy Truck came in!!!

    Off topic question. I like the splash graphics on your (full size) Raptor. Where did you get them?
  21. Otis857

    Reverse camera issues

    Hey nd3, How did this camera work compared to oem? I replaced mine with one from the camera source and it was clearly NOT as good as the original. It isnt as clear or bright, and it doesn't stay on when you shift out of reverse like the OEM one did. It does work and was plug and play, but...
  22. Otis857

    WTB: Gen 1 OEM Front Bumper

    I have one in Glendale, Az. LMK
  23. Otis857

    torn axle boot

    X2 Noah. Dont waste your money on SDHQ boots, especially mid perch. I did that and they tore within months. There just aren't enough bellows to take the sharper axle angle. I ended up doing what II Sevy did and just swapped the axle. But if you really want to try it, I'll give you one new in the...
  24. Otis857

    Gen 1 factory seat cover replacements?? (With Red inserts)

    I just got them 2 days ago. I'm going to wait to install until my dr seat gets worse. But looking at them, they look identical to the oem covers. I can only assume the fit will be good, but the appearance is spot on. Definitely worth checking them out
  25. Otis857

    Gen 1 factory seat cover replacements?? (With Red inserts)

    I finally broke down and paid the appx $640 to Richmond Auto Upholstery for a seat bottom and seat back cover (driver side), While mine is all black, they did contact me for a picture of the seat and the vin # to make sure they get the right one. You might contact them to see if they can do the...