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  1. swoop

    Anyone help a gen 3 owner out?

    Does anyone have a gen 3 OEM rear bumper, only need the left side and the top bumper cover as well. Please can anyone help me find one. Location Los Angeles Ca
  2. swoop

    Raptor R Allocations

    What’s goin on fellow Raptor Brothers, Have any of you guys been hearing dealerships taking Raptor R allocations in your area? I just got asked if I wanted to put a deposit of 1k for an allocation, no build sheet, price or spec tho. Sounds like click bait lol but asking what you guys think?
  3. swoop

    New Member but (Og) owner of a 2014 gen 1 Raptor… SoCal

    Wsup to all the Raptor owners on here! Should’ve joined when I first got the truck in 2014. Probably would’ve done more with the truck if I had joined this community back then. But the experience I’ve had with the truck has been worth it. But finally selling the old girl she’s been solid through...

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