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    New Leveling Option - SDI Upper Mount

    Put weight in the bed and voila
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    Raptors and dirt bikes

    Rode sport bikes and a ktm 640 adventure until crashes at the track and a stolen bike all got too expensive. Got back into riding years later with a ktm 500 exc and sold that to get a husky te300i for the trails. Absolutely love it. Can’t believe the diversity and volume of trails in BC
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    New Leveling Option - SDI Upper Mount

    Here is another good article - Check out the part of the article titled: Will cranking down the preload / lifting my truck higher make the ride rough?
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    New Leveling Option - SDI Upper Mount

    This link has a good discussion on the impact of preload on droop. In short, in addition to the ride height change, adding preload will cause the spring to extend with relatively more force at the more extreme droop extensions. On my...
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    Thought folks may be interested that I measured C rated 37 K02s on an 17x8.5 rim (Icon rebound) and the section width (total tire width) was 12" on the nose. My remaining D rated 37 KO2 on a 17x9 was 12.75.
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    Deavers +3 w/SVC traction bars.

    cool, just wanted to share that idea from threads I'd read as well. see for example ZK's comments in this one
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    3.0 Factory Live Valve Setting

    same for me... ended up running firm front, firm rear unless the road is really chattery, and then I ran medium rear, firm front
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    Deavers +3 w/SVC traction bars.

    hey not 100% sure about this, but can the track bars be used with drop shackles? I think you may get some binding... I'd call SVC
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    Thoughts on Specialty Product Company alignment bolts
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    Thoughts on Specialty Product Company alignment bolts

    Anyone use these? How do they hold up, relative to adjustable UCAs and lockout LCA solution, such as those offered by Foutz, KHC, etc?
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    Camburg Long Travel Kit

    Hey I reached out to Jerry on Instagram and he agreed to a call. Maybe he’d do the same for you?
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    gen 3 bump stops

    On my gen 2, I had SVC bump stops installed and they kept the truck safe and controlled on bottom outs. I see there are a few less options out there for the gen 3. RPG and Foutz offer bump stops. I don't see any posts on here about folks installing bump stops. Can anyone weigh in on whether...
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    Fox Race Series, RPG Bump stop, Foutz spacer

    when you get it offroad, please circle back and let us know how it all works! thanks!!
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    Do RPG 1.5” Collars Affect Ride Quality?

    gen 2 but read some of the comments on collars springs in this thread
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    Do RPG 1.5” Collars Affect Ride Quality?

    I don't have collars (or a gen 3), but there are several potential issues: 1. there are internal bypass holes inside the coilover, so by lifting the truck I would think you change where the holes engage relative to static height of the truck. This has to impact the feel to some degree as you...
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    Prinsu Roof Rack Review

    I had Baja Designs XL80s on SDHQ hood mounts, and the close to 20000 lumens were very impressive, and likely as good or better than your behind the grill 30". I wasn't bothered by the hood glare, but I had a black truck which helped.
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    Protecting live valve sensors

    Hi folks, anyone have any solutions for protecting the rear live valve sensors on the Gen 3? I'll be getting one to replace my Gen 2, and was looking at the location of these plastic parts and thinking they are definitely at risk of getting taken out by road debris when offroad. The rear...
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    Prinsu Roof Rack Review

    Thanks for the info on this rack. Crazy they supply rusting hardware. To save maybe 20-30 bucks? Who wouldn’t pay that?
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    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    Thanks that's a good question, and I discussed it with the RCMP officer who came to my house. Turns out, no one on my street has this kind of camera.
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    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    Thanks, I still have both keys, don't do crack (maybe I should??) and didn't hear the alarm last night, so figure it must have been pros who pulled this off. Or maybe it was ET.
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    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    I have no idea how they did it.
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    Stolen - 2019 black CCSB - from driveway

    Unfortunately, there are no Gen3s anywhere near me in Canada. Could be a year, or more. Crazy times. Not sure what to do, as I use my truck for truck things all the time...