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    OEM Bed Divider

    If anyone has an OEM Bed Divider collecting dust they would consider letting go for $100.00 plus shipping let me know.
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    Who Makes Beef Jerky?

    Got into a discussion on store bought Beef Jerky that led into making it and now I'm gonna try it. One of the guys sent me three bags and it was amazing. My dehydrator shows up tomorrow so making my first attempt this weekend. Anyone else into the hobby of it? Tips Tricks? Fav recipes...
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    Intercooler C- Ring install?

    What’s the trick to getting this ring installed back on the intercooler?
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    My 2020 Moonroof "CRUNCH"

    I rarely use my moonroof and I wish I didn't have it...but here I am. As if they don't have enough issues themselves alone, I'm around a more than average wattage stereo system. Full tilt my vision gets blurry. It's a love hate relationship. I love it but my truck hates it. I knew it was only a...
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    FYI Ground from Body to Frame

    Here's a video I came across as I'm upgrading my grounds for my stereo system. Good info for those who conduct maintenance on their trucks. Could save you some issue in the future by cleaning this once a year.
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    2020 Bead-lock Questions

    Please forgive my ignorance, first bead-lock rims. Looked at several videos on them so I understance the concept. From the factory I would assume the beadlocks are not in use. So in order to use them you would need to deflate and move the tire lip to the outside of the rim and then use the...
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    Bye Bye 2018 2.7 XLT

    Well since my 21 fell through and I can't find a reasonable offer I opted for a mint 20 LFG with all the bells and whistles. Night and Day over my 18 XLT. Has a remote controlled power bed cover that I thought was cool. Now it's time to start working on the mod list. First thing is to get rid of...
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    Gen 2 and Gen 3 FRONT END

    Anyone else besides me think the Gen 2 has a better looking front end? The Gen 3 is all square like a Gen 2 ran into a wall. Sad to say it.
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    Includes Unique Loss-Gloss, Black Tint Carbon Fiber Accents

    So if you get the Raptor 37 Performance Package you can not get the Raptor Carbon Fiber Package but instead get the Unique Loss-Gloss, Black Tint Carbon Fiber Accents. Any explain the differences between the two, what you would get under each? Curious what you can't get the CFP on the 37PP.
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    Raptor Challenge Coins

    Huge Challenge Coin collector as are most Military. Found this one on eBay for like $15.00. Thought I’d pass it on in case anyone else is interested. They sent another coin free which was cool.
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    B&O Upgrades

    So my 21 Raptor is on order and I need to rethink the entire stereo system. My 18 F150 currently has a stock head unit, Hertz Comps and Hertz Coaxials on a JL Audio amp, two 10" Sundown Audio SA10's on a SFB3K, XS Power D4800, XS Power Titan 8+ lithium, and an AC LC7i. I have ready to go a new...
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    Please Delete

    Please Delete
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    New member Charleston, SC

    Retired Navy in Charleston now working at Bosch making and testing injectors. Long time Ford Fan as this will be my 9th Ford(6 Mustangs) and 3rd F150. Just built and ordered my 21 Raptor in Antimatter blue, Ford accepted today. Not sure what comes next but sure it will feel like an eternity. Got...