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  1. Papabeach

    Leitner ACS and Bush Company 270XT Max awning

    Installed my Bush Company 270XT Max awning on my Leitner ACS TONNEAU rack with an extra load bar. I had to slightly extend the lower mounting holes on the Leitner awning brackets but otherwise everything fit well and there is plenty of clearance to fully open the GearPOD XL. Looking forward to...
  2. Papabeach

    17’ canoe transport

    Camping season is getting closer and trying to prep accordingly. We have a 17’ Grumman canoe (amazing canoe btw). I mounted with a combination of a Leitner bed rack (no risers) and Thule load bars. It seems very secure with three resting points. Anyone with lots of canoe experience have a...
  3. Papabeach

    Hello from Florida

    2022 Raptor owner here and happy to learn from the brain trust. The mods have already begun! -PPF, Ceramic coat, tint -Ronin Antenna -Retrax Pro XR cover -Line-X Berliner