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  1. Rango

    Goodby Gen 2->Hello GEN 3

    Found a Gen 3 37" PP and pulled the trigger. It was time... Sold my Gen 2 for way more than it should have gone for... Paid more than I should have for the Gen 3 but here we are... Ended up flying to Chicago to get it, only dealer with one at the price I was willing to pay. Picked it up and...
  2. Rango

    Good Tint shop in the DFW area?

    Looking for a Tint shop to do Ceramic Tint on my Raptor and my Son's Tundra.... Any recommendations? Avoid? I'll give one to avoid, "Car Toys" in Fort Worth by the Costco. Botched the job on my Daughters Civic...
  3. Rango

    2021 37" vs 2022 37"? Differences?

    Other than the Recaro seats are part of the '21 37" PP are there any other differences 21 to 22? Might have a line on a '21 ;)
  4. Rango

    Cool forum feature!

    This may be of use to some of us.... I found out if you "hover" over a user name their info pops up as well as a button labeled "ignore". If you hit that... It's like they go away! :Big Laugh:
  5. Rango

    Okay I'm a GEN 2 Owner - going Gen 3 CATCH ME UP.

    Call me crazy but I've been off the forums just driving my GEN 2 2017 SCREW for the past few years. I used to get a new truck every year but this truck has been so good I just DROVE IT. :cool: I know, completely bonkers!, right? "Old Blue" has been the best truck ever, but it's time for a...
  6. Rango

    Flood Ford still the right answer for ESP?

    My '17 Gen 2 is at 35K and about as many months. I've decided to drive it until the 21's come out. I'm going to get Ford ESP before I cross the magic 36K mark. Is Flood still the lowest price? I'm not messing with the local dealer, just going to buy online and be done. ;)
  7. Rango

    Offset Front License plate bracket?

    Offset Front License plate bracket? So have any of the aftermarket guys come up with a better idea that mounting the plate in front of the intercooler? I'd really like to run mine offset... :)
  8. Rango

    How do you turn off AUTOLOCK?

    So I found this on the net and tried both with no luck: ======================== Put the key in the ignition and turn it to on. Press the Unlock button three times. Turn the ignition off. Press the Unlock button three more times. Turn the ignition back to on. The horn should beep once...
  9. Rango

    Is this a good deal?

    Hi guys, I've been shopping hard... test drives down in LA with dealers whom I believe are "smoking crack" when they price stuff. Saw dealers with 5 to 10K of additional dealer markup! 62000! on a 53K Sticker! WOW!:ROFLJest: I've got a chance to buy an new Blue Flame Raptor SuperCrew with...