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  1. CDub

    2023 configurator

    So allegedly the order banks open up tomorrow (July 18) the way I’ve been reading things, so shouldn’t we be seeing somthing on the website by now for the regular Raptor with updated colors, options, etc. I have very little faith with this Raptor R roll out will be anything but smooth and make...
  2. CDub

    Gas prices

    1.99 for 93, it was at Costco though
  3. CDub

    Gen 2 Gas Mileage

    My 2020 with 2k miles on it and I'm averaging around 18 mpg in normal mode on 93 octane.
  4. CDub

    2020 Whistle Sound

    I have 1700 on mine, the sound on mine isn't getting louder I think I'm just more aware of the sound now. I have zero electrical/mechanical issues with the truck and I'm getting around 18mpg on 93 octane right now. Im really not worried about it, I think if something were to break or throw a...
  5. CDub

    2020 Whistle Sound

    Thats the sound I have.
  6. CDub

    2020 Raptor Lane Departure System

    Yeah I checked that and it didn't do anything, I pulled the fuse for it and that worked. I guess when in doubt just pull the fuse. Thanks for the help.
  7. CDub

    2020 Raptor Lane Departure System

    Oh yeah I don’t like it either, but I’d like to have the option of turning it off, Rather than it breaking on a 2 week old truck.
  8. CDub

    2020 Raptor Lane Departure System

    I recently purchased a brand new 2020 Raptor Screw with the 802A package. When I picked it up with 42 miles on it the Lane departure system worked flawlessly it had all the appropriate alerts and colors and vibrations. I have all the sensitivity on normal and I just have it on the Alert function...
  9. CDub

    2020 Whistle Sound

    Mine has the same sound as too, I just assumed it was the turbos spooling. I picked up my 2020 on Nov 15 and it only has 300 miles on it.
  10. CDub

    How Much Did You Pay For Your 2020 Raptor?

    If you don't mind who is the dealership in SC ? Im currently looking for one as we speak.
  11. CDub

    California Emissions
  12. CDub

    2020 Raptor pricing

    Kinda looks like actual production will start at the end of Oct, I'm guessing the priorities will go first then probably Nov the retail production will start.
  13. CDub

    Raptor Certificate