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  1. Rmax150

    Subtle Clunking

    So I currently have a Gen 2 and looking at taking the plunge but trying to study bugs before I end of neck deep in them too. Seems like there’s 2 suspicions: drivetrain (front driveshaft) and shocks. I like experiments so has anybody tried: Noise comparisons in different shock modes? Could it...
  2. Rmax150

    Picked up my GEN 3, 2021 Black Agate, 35in, 801A, Graphics

    This is my question too. I've been itching more and more, and just hoping everything fits. The part numbers on Retrax website for 2018 vs 2021 are different, but not sure if it's just new mounting brackets or something simple. I saw a video where a previous gen Bakflip MX4 fit the new gen F150...
  3. Rmax150

    My Carmax offer 9-25-20

    I'm considering selling also. Local dealer in Houston quote at $55k assuming no accessories. 2018 802a plus carbon fiber pkg, no decals, 42k miles. Bought it for $53k with 30k miles. Only owe $30k cuz I had equity in my trade. I have about $6k of accessories that I would sell as well...
  4. Rmax150

    Random Static from Speaker

    FordTechOne, it’s on all the time. I couldn’t stand it yesterday and disconnected the speaker. I’ll connect it this weekend to check WiFi and the surround sound vs stereo setting. I did notice it was less apparent when the bass was lowered but still same pitch and pattern.
  5. Rmax150

    Random Static from Speaker

    Anyone know what this noise is? It just randomly started when I turned off the truck a couple days ago. It happens all the time. Just open the door, radio on, off, remote start, truck on, off, low volume, high volume. It doesn’t increase or decrease with radio volume. 2018 Raptor. B&O center...
  6. Rmax150

    how to hard wire dash cam

    What fuse have you guys used? #36 seems to be the popular choice, but when I do that, I get a "Front Camera Malfunction" message and my 360 view doesn't work. I have a Rexing V1. The cam works fine plugged into the cigarette lighter port. I did get the correct fuse tap type and amp rating.
  7. Rmax150

    Best gear to pull cars out of snow banks?

    Like others have said, recovery strap, not tow straps. I do carry a 1/2" chain for short yanks (<15 ft) but I double up and put a towel or jacket around the center part. If helping other people out, especially in cars, minivans, etc., let them hook up their end. I carry different size shackles...
  8. Rmax150

    85 octane

    I'm stock and run 87 in TX, 85 when I go up to Denver. Not a big deal unless you have a tune. I tow, work, and play, and regular fuel has never been an issue. I drive around Houston in sport mode all the time and its fun. I know I can have more fun with 93/91, but it's fine. I only do Shell, and...
  9. Rmax150

    Powertrax Pro MX Life Hack (Home Link Operates it!)

    Omg omg omg omg omg omgggggggggg!!!!! Holy 8lb 6oz dear sweet baby Jesus! I just did this in about 2 mins and it works!!!!! I can take off my rigged remote on the dash (pic attached). You sir, are genius! I owe you beer and steak or waffles or boudin or couscous or whatever your heart desires...
  10. Rmax150

    Ditch Light Picture Request

    View of the side shooters
  11. Rmax150

    Ditch Light Picture Request

    These is the headlights off set.
  12. Rmax150

    Ditch Light Picture Request

    I finally got around to labeling the pics I took. In the bumper are Rigid D series Pro amber flood beam, Rigid D Pro white driving beam, and on the A pillar are Rigid DSS pro white spot beam. going to make 2 or 3 posts with pics because of the limit.
  13. Rmax150

    Ditch Light Picture Request

    I went with Rigid and freaking love them. After lots and lots of contemplation, I got the D-SS white spots for the A-pillars, then white driving, and amber flood for the bumper. I thought I was done there but now I need some SAE fogs as well for regular driving. The side view is fantastic and...
  14. Rmax150

    deaver springs

    Yeah, I didn’t realize that the Honda Ridgeline actually has a higher payload capacity until after I unloaded. It’s ridiculous. Either way, I gotta haul corn so gotta figure something out. My dad said, buy a Chevy and all problems are solved lol. I know Deavers has a HD version but I like the...
  15. Rmax150

    deaver springs

    I’m already set on Eibachs for my truck but like y’all, I’m trying to decide what to do with the rear. I have 300 lbs easy with my sit-in toolbox and bed cover so it’s almost level as stock. I’ve always got stuff in the bed. I had 1,900 lbs of deer corn for a 6hr drive 2 weeks ago and it was...
  16. Rmax150

    Battery and door locks

    I can't believe this is still an issue. It used to happen on my '12 F-150 all the time. No matter what I did, the physical key would not turn the actuator. I've always had Warn cables with the Anderson connector that's been mentioned so it wasn't ever a huge issue. However, now we have...
  17. Rmax150

    GEN 2 Too much Carbon??

    I’ve been looking at some of those. I’m totally stealing the red button haha. I have the carbon pkg but I think it’s missing a little bit more. I’ve been looking at the steering wheel, air vents, and Shifter base. Do you have a pic from the back seat? Attaching mine for reference.
  18. Rmax150

    NEWBIE! ‘19 Black

    As mentioned by the other guys, it should reject the command as shifting to 4L would require the tranny in neutral. However, I'm not sure what it will revert back to. I would imagine it would revert back to the previous setting (so if you did it from normal, then should go back to normal). It...
  19. Rmax150

    GEN 2 Ford Factory F150 Raptor beadlocks

    Just take them off. As mentioned, if they use the pry bar, they will get scratched. I loosened them with a ratchet then put the torx socket on my regular drill to screw them out quickly. To tighten, just do a slight snug; no reason to torque them all crazy. Attached is a pic of what they look...
  20. Rmax150

    GEN 2 CB install

    Christian, I don’t use it too often, but when I do, I just keep the mic in the cup holder or in my hand which is why I kept the stock Uniden mic; it’s really small and light. I use the PA more often to yell at not very smart people lol. I had two stipulations when doing my CB setup. 1) I...
  21. Rmax150

    GEN 2 CB install

    This is what I ended up doing. I’ve got a headache rack so mounted the antenna on there, but had to go on the passenger side cuz I was getting real bad SWR’s on the driver’s side. I only need the CB for tractors at the ranch and off road convoy so I didn’t chase a powerful setup. My required...
  22. Rmax150

    2019 upfitter switches

    Gotcha. If you sparked then you had power and something shorted somewhere. If there's no power upstream of the fuse then the issue is between the source and relay (maybe the connector). I have no idea what the wiring diagrams look like, but search for one and see if there's something you could...
  23. Rmax150

    2019 upfitter switches

    When you installed them, did you test the wires to the switches or just wire them to the colors listed in your manual? It could be that you changed the fuse to the wrong switch if the manual is different from actual. The manual vs actual on my 18 is entirely different. I attached a pic from...
  24. Rmax150

    Picked up my 2020 screw in magnetic today just in time for the end of the world

    Use Forscan to get the buttons on the home screen. Pic attached of before and after (I also did the GT theme)