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  1. JAndreF321

    Foutz Gen2 Coilover conversion

    I was looking for Gen3 rear sprint g upgrades for added weight and came across a Gen2 coilover conversion from Foutz. Haven’t seen anything about this elsewhere. Seems to be cheaper and easier than the other 5 link kit available. Anyone seen this in person...
  2. JAndreF321

    Remi Raptor Build

    Gents, I bought my Raptor in February this year and have done some minor mods on it so far. Still waiting to do any actual performance modification, but may do some in the future. I’m mainly a BMW guy, but have ventured into trucks a few times with a 2004 Sportrac, 2004 Frontier, and 2014...
  3. JAndreF321

    Resonator Failure?

    Was walking past the truck today and saw what looked like hay in the exhaust pipe...closer inspection it looks like fiberglass. Google says it's the resonator failing. You guys have this happen? I don't think I care about the resonator, but I don't like the exhaust being unilaterally crappy.
  4. JAndreF321

    Bed Rack Third Brake Light

    I'm doing a very quick setup with a 12" RCI Bed Rack and 23Zero RTT. They will both show up at the end of next week and I need to use it the following week. My concern is not having a 3rd brake light. I know universal ones can be had cheap which is probably what I'll do and using the...
  5. JAndreF321

    Raptor with Cap for Overlanding

    Gents, I did a couple searches and couldn't find info on exactly what I was looking for. I'm planning on ordering a snugtop when this COVID mess ends for camping in the back of the truck. I had a couple questions for those with experience: 1) Does the weight of the cap require +2HD Deavers...
  6. JAndreF321

    From ///M to RAPTOR

    Gents, I have recently purchased a new 2019 Ford F150 Raptor and sold my 2012 BMW X5M. The change was pretty significant for me because I've been a straight BMW owner for some time. I recently moved to the Northwest and have been itching to get something a little more practical for the...