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    2014 White Raptor for sale

    Tried to post in the For Sale but I need 75 posts and only have 50. But, SOLD to the first person to see it at full price. It was an awesome TRUCK and my favorite vehicle, just needed a ranch truck that would keep not keep me awake at night after it received a scratch.
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    2014 White Raptor for sale

    OK, price drop to $41,000 or best offer. Very nice truck and needs nothing.
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    2014 White Raptor for sale

    OK, price drop to $42,000 or best offer. Very nice truck and needs nothing.
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    2014 White Raptor for sale

    Price drop $45,000-any interest out there?
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    $109,145 Starting Price

    How much is the "R" when fully loaded?
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    I got one!

    So the prices start @ $109,000, how high can they go with options or do they come loaded?
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    2014 White Raptor for sale

    Rear and back seat etc. Clean and clear CA title in my name and my hand.
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    2014 White Raptor for sale

    Well never thought I would sell my truck; but life has changed and I'm ready to sell my truck. 2014 Oxford white, Supercab. Factory stock except for warn ***** and new take off Ford 2021 Raptor bead locks with factory K)2's with about 7,000 miles on tires, original 71,729 miles (will go up a bit...
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    Will Raptor prices come down with R released.

    I dont think so with the R costing so much; in fact the high may make the used Raptor's increase in value.
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    Raptor Incoming - Built, Awaiting Shipment

    How long do most have to wait after ordering?
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    MSRP Guesses?

    My dealer said $50,000 ADM when they get the R.
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    GEN 2 Top 15 Tonneau Covers - which do you have?

    I have the Bak Flip MX4, so far so good. I had the 1st generation Bak Flip and the material came apart. After checking out the new I bought it and much better than the first Gen Bak Flip.
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    Premium Fuel

    Always use premium, truck runs better and I get about 15 MPG as opposed to 14 MPG-Gen 1.
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    Lloyds Carpet Mats

    I had lloyds in my Corvette loved them, have Weater Tek in my Land Cruiser love them. Sure like the looks of TuxMat but they make them for Gen1-bummer.
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    Hello from Vegas!

    Are the pics from Lake Mead or Lake Mohave, either way the water looks low. Love the truck and would have got blue myself, however I have a 1/4 mile dirt driveway and didn't want a dirty truck all the time so got a white one.
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    Did you know the 2021 Hood and Front Fenders are Fiberglass?

    Worked in the fiberglass industry for 15 years. All automotive fiberglass products are FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. Resin, fiberglass, and catalyst to harden the resin. This includes the old Corvettes which we hand lay up (similar to a surfboard) to modern techniques of spraying chopped...
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    Favorite Tonneau Cover

    I have what I guess is the original BakFlip on my Gen 1 (2014), the vinyl cover has rotted away and is coming apart. It still works, but looks terrible. I called BakFlip and the customer service said sorry but if you buy another one of the new MX series they would give me a $79 discount. I said...
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    Who’s sold their Gen 1 during this market and hates the decision they made?

    I'm very happy with my 2014 Gen 1 with the 6.2 and have two friends with Gen 2s and they have both had problems and repairs with less than 40,000 miles. I'll stick with my Gen 1 until somebody offers me $50,000.
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    Who’s sold their Gen 1 during this market and hates the decision they made?

    Here is mine, 2014 loaded (minus sun roof), 65,234 miles. never off road. Always serviced @ Rancho Ford Temecula. Dealer offered 42,000 at last oil change. If I could get $50,000 it would be hard not to sell otherwise I'll keep her. Sorry she's dirty in the pic. Factory stock, except for new...
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    Raptor is terrible!

    Gen 1 2014, 65,234 miles, replaced battery and one tire sensor, plus tires and O&F. No other issues.
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    High mileage owners please check in

    2014 Gen 1, 6.2, 65,234 miles. Zero repairs except one tire sensor and new battery and all standard services done at my local Ford dealer. O and second set of tires- great truck! Original brakes even.
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    Running Board Detail Procedure

    Tire shine/cleaner works great but slippery for a day or two after application.
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    Battery replace Gen 1

    My 2014 needed a battery, called Auto Zone and O'Relies, and my Ford dealer was 15.00 less expensive and they changed it out for no charge.
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    Looking at a 2nd Gen, need some help...

    I thought you could not flat tow a automatic transmission, unless it was a jeep and designed to be flat towed?