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  1. B Scott

    Morimoto XB Tail Lights Coming Soon!

    I’m waiting for the sticker shock…
  2. B Scott

    GEN 1 Colour coded flares

    That actually looks great! The front bumper pads look new to. I like the black bumper/skid plate too. Thanks for pushing me into paint mods…
  3. B Scott

    Little Wild Horse Slot...MOAB

    Awesome pics John!
  4. B Scott

    did anyone see us?

    I can’t believe you towed the trailer with the Raptor all the way from CO! I guess that’s how far you have to go to find freedom these days. Nice show, thanks for sharing!
  5. B Scott

    Broken coil on Fox suspension

    I bought a 2011 with 70k miles at the end of 2018 and it still is much cleaner underneath than that 2014. I would assume it’s because of the environment it was driven in. I installed rebuilt shocks all around and the coils looked clean and in good condition. I wouldn’t worry about swapping the...
  6. B Scott

    Remote start not working

    So my 2011 with remote start has worked great…until my battery started to die. I would try to remote start and it didn’t work. I replaced the battery and it’s worked like a champ ever since. BTW, my key sequence is lock, start, start. If I press the start button too quickly, it won’t always work.
  7. B Scott

    2013 SVT Raptor shifting

    Sounds like you may have caught a break! Let us know if that solves your problem when you get it back.
  8. B Scott

    gen 2 wheels on gen 1

    Yes, they fit and work fine.
  9. B Scott

    Low mileage

    The Gen 1 engine may be heavier but the cam phasers never fail!
  10. B Scott

    2018 or 2019?

    I looked at a 2018 and had a pre-purchase inspection done at a Ford dealership. They discovered several expensive issues, cam phasers, moon roof tracks, oil pan leak. Even with Ford paying for a large portion of the cam phaser update, they said it would cost between $3k and $4k to fix the...
  11. B Scott

    Stolen Raptors - What Happens if It's Yours?

    Or…would they take the recovered stolen truck to the body shop, make needed repairs and ship it with a quality control message stating they discovered and repaired a “minor issue”? I’m following
  12. B Scott

    Looking for a dealer to order 1 or 2 2023 Raptor w/ 37pkg little to no ADM?

    Don’t go to Huntersville Ford in Huntersville NC unless you want to pay a $15k mark-up or more! I was in the area and saw they were advertising one for $79k. They confirmed it was in stock. When I tried to confirm the price, I didn’t hear back. I showed up and the price changed to $98k! Another...
  13. B Scott

    Cleaning Skid Plate

    I bought an under carriage attachment for my pressure washer that has three spray nozzles on wheels. Low enough to fit under a normal car as well as a truck. Disclaimer, I haven’t ever used it but it looks awesome!
  14. B Scott

    The Gunsmoke Movie Set - God’s Country

    Nice photos John. Hopefully you get the chance to walk the set and get a closer look at what’s left of it.
  15. B Scott

    GEN 1 Off-Roading Mountain Time

    My pictures can’t compete with yours! I can say the temperatures here are more enjoyable this time of year than your neck of the desert
  16. B Scott

    GEN 1 Off-Roading Mountain Time

    I realized I took more pics of the truck than of anything else I saw today. Beauty is everywhere.
  17. B Scott

    GEN 1 Off-Roading Mountain Time

    Went out mountain biking today in Grand County CO and had to drive a few trail miles while I was there. It wasn’t too dusty since it’s been raining a couple of times a week. Still too many people…
  18. B Scott

    Thieves steal nearly $1M worth of Ford F-150 Raptor pickups from Dearborn Truck Plant

    I would end up with one that was damaged, recovered and repaired! Only 250 GTA miles on it!
  19. B Scott

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    I saw the truck back on the lot awaiting the next sucker. My only hope is that the Ford dealer that completed the inspection noted the issues on the CarFax just as CoronaRaptor mentioned!
  20. B Scott

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    Update: After the pre-purchase inspection I learned that the oil pan is leaking, the cam phasers need to be replaced and the pano moon roof tracks need replacement as well as a few more issues found. I went back to the selling dealer with a $4k discount request…silence. Best money spent on a...
  21. B Scott

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    Update! Cam Phasers are rattling at start up and need to be replaced. Total price is $3300, all but $1100 is covered until 80k miles. I am planning on getting the low down deal from the dealer to make it worthwhile. Still waiting to pick it up and see if any other issues were found.
  22. B Scott

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate everyone’s experience and an having a pre-purchase inspection at a Ford dealership. It’s carfax has all the service records, that’s how I know it received the updated flash. I’m going to listen intently when I start in in the morning for any rattle! I’m...
  23. B Scott

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    No warranty included in the purchase…
  24. B Scott

    2018 Cam Phaser Fear

    So, I’m in the process of adding a Gen 2 to the garage but I’m worried. Cam phaser fear is real! I found a 2018 built in late 2017 with 73k miles. It had the cam phaser update flash and when I conducted a cold start, I didn’t hear any of the rattle I’ve heard about. I like the truck but it’s out...
  25. B Scott

    hmmm...what contraption ami making now?

    You must be done with the renovation work around the house! I’m down for one when you’re ready to go into production!