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  1. MarceloDV

    Best security device for Raptor 2020

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have any recomendations for a security device for a Raptor 2020?. I used to have a 2018 Raptor that was stolen in a street via key cloning. I try to install an OBD Block the other day in my raptor but it was a mess. After the installation nothing was working on the...
  2. MarceloDV

    Best Wheel Lock Steering? Security

    Hi guys. Am going to buy a 2020 Raptor because my last one was stolen here in my country. Apart from insurance and GPS, i want to buy a Steering Wheel Lock. Any sugestions? Wich one is better?. Hope you guys can help me. Cheers
  3. MarceloDV

    Not normal noise in parking

    Hello guys. My 2018 Raptor has a weird sound after handling for a while and generating high speeds. The sound is like a little vibration that you can hear it in the interior. Today i recorded the sound from the red circle in the photo. I know this sound is not normal, but i don't know what could...
  4. MarceloDV

    New Member from Chile

    Hi all. My name is Marcelo Dinamarca and i from Chile. Am a previous owner of a 2014 6.2 Raptor and now i get the 2018 Gen 2 Raptor. Raptor fan and Ford fan since a while now. Am 36, Civil Engineer, working in Minning here in my country. Really looking forward to find a forum like these, with a...
  5. MarceloDV

    Engine sound for below

    Hello everybody. Am new here, am i just bought a second hand Ford Raptor 2018 with 18k. The previous owner made some modifications, mostly lights instalations that i take them out. But also, he installed a "Cut Out" (Or something like that i think it's called) to change the sound of the exhaust...