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  1. IamCanadian

    GEN 1 Tire pressure for 37 KO2

    I have just ordered 37" KO2 boots for my truck, I was wondering what tire pressure other people are using on the subj tires?
  2. IamCanadian

    2019 Raptor - 7.0 est 500-550 hp/ over 500ftlb

    I know what I want for Christmas next year. 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor New 7.0L V8 Engine, Release date, Price, Specs
  3. IamCanadian

    Rigid 40 in Radiance Light Bar

    The new light bar came with the Rigid Industries Radiance Multi-Trigger Harness now. So I am thinking of using the harness for the install. My thoughts are to use Aux 1 sw for the main and Aux 4 sw for the Amber back-lights on the bar, but I want to use the 1 & 4 sw to trigger the harness...
  4. IamCanadian

    GEN 1 Fox Shock Rebuild in Barrie, ON area.

    Just letting Forum mbrs in the subj area that Barrie Ford (SVT) Dealership can do sock rebuilds and plus Mid perch Mods. Talk to Scott (service adviser) or Lance (Shop Foreman).
  5. IamCanadian

    GEN 1 Looking for a Tune

    Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say thks to everyone. I have learned a lot about my Raptor on this forum. It has also giving me some excellent intel which way I want to go forward with mods to my truck. I am looking for some advice on who could provide me with good custom...
  6. IamCanadian

    New owner from Barrie, Ontario

    How are you doing A. My name is Shane and I purchased my new/used fully loaded 2013 white Supercrew Raptor on the 29 Dec 14. The wife wanted me get rid of two of three vehicle which we owned and be two vehicle family. So I traded my 2012 Genesis 5.0 Rspec sedan and sold my 2004 Lariat for...

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