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    raptor leaking

    I got in my raptor the other day and noticed a dinner sized dried puddle of something on the drivers side floor mat under the steering wheel. It was a decent sized puddle. Reached my hand up under the steering wheel and was able to get some kind of liquid on my finger. Didn't smell like engine...
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    star white vs. oxford white

    I have watched different youtube videos explaining/showing the differences. I am leaning towards star white atm. What would you chose on a 2022 white or oxford white? Any other points of emphasis would also be appreciated.
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    raptor vs. new tundra trd pro

    Anyone here cross shopping the raptor and the new tundra trd pro?? I know the pricing is not out yet on the tundra trd pro but fully loaded might be around $65k which is basically where the raptor pricing anyone here considering the tundra?
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    Hi from OH

    Hello to all,... I am from OH, currently have a 2012 F150 and 2010 SHelby gt500. I am interested in and pretty much sure I am going to purchase the new 2017 raptor when it is available. I am here in hopes to learn more about the new beast. :)

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