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  1. TiFJ

    Custom Overland Bed Rack

    Got rid of my roof top tent and no longer need the rack. Had it custom made so that the Tepui Kukenam would be at the same height of the cab to keep wind drag down. There are tie down locations in various places to help secure cargo. I've also got a few clamps that could be used for lighting...
  2. TiFJ

    2012 Race Red ~ 20,000 Miles

    Hi Everybody, My wife and I are having a kid this year and she needs a more reliable vehicle. With her being pregnant, and when the baby comes, our mountain biking and tent camping time will be much more limited - this is mostly what I use the truck for and why it has fairly low mileage on it...
  3. TiFJ

    2012 Race Red SuperCrew - $55k US

    Hi All, Just got laid off and thinking about selling my beloved truck. It's a 2012 Race Red SCrew with 16,xxx miles (26,xxx km). It is fully loaded and has every available option for that year. It has been babied, no offroading beyond some gravel roads, driven three times in the winter and...

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