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  1. Cobraman044

    Finally Finished Stereo Install

    First I want to thank all those that contributed to this forum on this subject. Made the project pretty easy. But it was very time consuming. Everything took place over about 4 days. Components I used Focal PS 165FX Focal PC 165F JL Audio 10tw3-d4 (made my own sub box) NavTV ZEN-A2B JL Audio...
  2. Cobraman044

    Looking for Amp suggestions to go with these components

    I see so many options floating around here but I am not sure what amp(s) will be a good choice. Here is what I have purchased so far. Focal PS 165FX – Adaptor Metra 825607 Focal PC 165F – Adaptor Metra 825605 JL Audio 10tw3-d4 NavTV ZEN-A2B I would like to stay under $1000 for the amps...
  3. Cobraman044

    Be sure to post any Black Friday/Cyber Monday Audio Deals

    If you hear of any be sure to post them. I have been looking but not see anything of interest yet. I bought some Focal's for the doors a while back but not bothering to install them until I have everything that will make it worth it. So still need everything else. Nav TV just looking for...
  4. Cobraman044

    Finally found my Raptor

    Just could not pass on this one. Proud new owner. Thanks to all the advice from forum members. Can't wait to break it in. First Day Home by Cobraman044 posted Aug 28, 2019 at 11:44 AM
  5. Cobraman044

    Extended warranty ??

    So the dealer is really pushing this of course. But I wanted to hear from those of you purchased the extended warranty at the end of the normal 3 year warranty. They are offering 8yr/100000 fro $2200. But I am not sure what modification I will make to the truck so maybe it would void the...
  6. Cobraman044

    Seems like a good deal? - Used 2019 8500 miles

    Curious what you guys thought. This seems to check all the boxes. As long as it is not a lemon return. How would I know if it was traded in for issues? MSRP $74300 selling for $65000 Options include 802A Ruby Red Moonroof Graphics Pacakges Carbon Fiber Tail Gate step Tech Package Sprayed...

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