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  1. 2ndFord

    Brake Parts Advice/Opinions Appreciated

    Not sure if anyone is still following this or will care that I'm following up on my own mishaps but I'll add here anyway.... First off, I brain-farted when I said "2018 with 51K miles" ... I was thinking about the fact that I'm 1K away from an oil change, so I'm actually at 54 not 51K. Math...
  2. 2ndFord

    Brake Parts Advice/Opinions Appreciated

    Thanks FordTechOne for the succinct and direct reply. As the most respected techie on this entire forum I am most grateful and honored to have received a reply from you!!! I'm going to search your recommendation immediately. Thanks Again!
  3. 2ndFord

    Brake Parts Advice/Opinions Appreciated

    I need to replace brakes at all 4 corners on my 2018 with 51K miles. I'm not looking for a performance upgrade. What are my best options for new rotors and pads to simply replace worn out originals? Does anyone have a recommendation for a particular brand or manufacturer, and what I should be...
  4. 2ndFord

    Life for original set of brakes

    Yep, that's why I left. Thanks for the input front vs. rear. But I still don't understand why at 50K the front rotors can be cut and the rears are trash thickness-wise. Apparently even if I had them addressed earlier they'd still be garbage? So rear rotors need to be REPLACED at 40K...
  5. 2ndFord

    Life for original set of brakes

    2018 52.5K miles. Was told at 50K service that brake pads were in "Yellow" range. At 52K I hit a sort of lane-dividing curb at moderate speed trying to exit Newark airport July 17. Coincidence, cause, imagination, or none of the above, I thought I started hearing the slightest "tap tap tap...
  6. 2ndFord

    Any other Raptor work trucks?

    Gained my respect by using your Raptor to access work sites. Lost it by quoting Kamala Harris.
  7. 2ndFord

    Well this is great....

    HaHa. "Ohm" my....Very creative response!!! I lacked the resistance to not applaud that one.
  8. 2ndFord

    22 raptor canceled. Out of luck?

    That was a mean snarky reply. But unfortunately it was truthful.
  9. 2ndFord

    Check those cabin filters

    Excellent advice. I can see that I have to start doing more maintenance myself. Last truck (2006 Tacoma) there was prescribed maintenance at 5K miles, 10K miles, then a more complete maintenance at 15K miles right in the owners manual, to be stamped by the dealer upon completion of services...
  10. 2ndFord

    Need help with bird droppings

    jchap711 missed (or more likely ignored) your line about skipping the funny remarks, but ya gotta admit he nailed it! The birds don't give a **** about what they hit, they're not trained dive bombers. So I don't think fake owls or rubber snakes on or near any vehicle serve as a deterrent...
  11. 2ndFord

    2022 37pp Agate Black for sale

    Who do you think you are? A freaking Ford Dealer? As a private seller you're going to try to suck in FRF Members to pay a $20K ADM to YOU???!!! No one's fault but yours that you over-extended your budget and/or "Dream Garage" and impatiently threw too many irons into the fire at once. Stop...
  12. 2ndFord

    My Raptor is Here!

    Ouch! Incompetence on display.
  13. 2ndFord

    I made it!

    Except for the wheels, looks like you stole my truck!
  14. 2ndFord

    GEN 2 Questions about recently purchased used Gen 2

    From your observations you're short-selling yourself, you are at least somewhat "mechanically inclined".
  15. 2ndFord

    HI! from MI

    Think its something called sand. Perhaps BAble could verify. But if "GR" as location means "Grand Rapids", ain't too far from the dunes at Silver Lake. Anyway, soil in MI is pure sand. Grew up there before family moved to PA when I was quite young and I now live in NJ. But visit MI every...
  16. 2ndFord

    Mud Flaps - should I / should I not?

    Maybe you can get them paint matched when your truck comes out of primer.
  17. 2ndFord


    Uhmm, is there a TRX Forum for you to join? You're sending this so the Gen 3'rs still waiting on delivery can feel bad that they haven't received theirs, and sorry your non-Raptor arrived scratched? Sorry, don't get the point of scratch-venting here.
  18. 2ndFord

    Was Running Fine Yesterday…

    Once again, Kudos to FordTechOne!!!
  19. 2ndFord

    Real world MPG

    That's exactly me in my '18.
  20. 2ndFord

    Real world MPG

    Last trip driving my daughter from Central NJ to college in Ann Arbor MI (August 2021) I got 20.5 MPG on I-80. Hills in western PA hurt, flatlands of those parts of OH and MI help. Contrast when I picked her up when school closed ~Thanksgiving 2020 due to the pandemic, when I got maybe 17.5...
  21. 2ndFord

    Real world MPG

    Not providing at least a regional address on your moniker provides no context for those waiting for their trucks nationwide, so without your particular locale your info and/or opinion is without value.
  22. 2ndFord

    Possible black gen 3…how would I keep the paint looking pristine?

    I've never had PPF but appreciate your take on its possible shortcomings. I've also never had true/real ceramic coating, with the associated paint correction done first. I've used "Ceramic Shine" from Torque Detail on the Raptor and my Cobra replica and am happy with it. Also bought their...
  23. 2ndFord

    Need help on 2019 Oil Filter installation?

    Geez this just keeps getting more mean yet more funny. You'd think we were deep in winter where responders have nothing else on which to spend their time. Becoming stabbingly snarky.
  24. 2ndFord

    Need help on 2019 Oil Filter installation?

    That was mean, but funny!
  25. 2ndFord

    2022 Raptor Tailgate Applique Notice!!

    Are you charging ADM beyond your $18K sticker???

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