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  1. Blown00gt

    Possible new owner

    Hello, I have a buddy looking at a used Gen 1 with 107,000 miles on it. Anything he needs to look at that may cause concerns? I know the rusting door jams but anything else out of the ordinary?
  2. Blown00gt

    Grapplers or R/Ts

    Getting new tires this week and like my R/Ts however tire guy is telling me ridge grapplers are better ride and quieter. 75% street driving just curious as only nittos I have ran were their radials on a street/strip car.
  3. Blown00gt

    Toyo RT or KM 3’s

    So finally getting rid of the wheels that came on the truck. Yes were 22” with RTs however getting some bronze turbomac HDs 17’s and I really liked the low the road noise and wear and with RTs and ride was not bad. Looking for anyone who has ran both tires To get feedback. Being told ko3s are...
  4. Blown00gt

    22 35 12.5 to 17 35 12.5

    Yes be for I get flamed I have 22” fuel wheels with toyo RT tires. Truck is leveled in the front and yes tires stick out about an inch. I was thinking of going to some 17” turbo max with same 35” toyo tires. What differences do you think I will see?
  5. Blown00gt

    B&O not enough any more

    Welp, Thought the factory radio was good enough for a bit and like anything I have ends up not good enough. Upgrading the speakers in the truck to get a decent sound system. Just like several builds going with Focals in the front and rear. For subs going with 2 10’s from Audiomobile. Arc...
  6. Blown00gt

    Gone and Did it (MPT Tune)

    Welp, couldn't keep from it after reading so many great things so just placed an order for NGuage with tunes. Guess I will have a Pedal Commander for sale with less then 3000 miles on it lol......
  7. Blown00gt

    Trails/Off-road in near Arkansas

    Picked up my Raptor almost 3 months ago and since then my kid keeps asking me when are we taking a road trip and taking the Raptor off road. Curious is anyone can make some recommendations on where to go. Not looking to go “mudding” but would love great scenery trails to run. Any help would be...
  8. Blown00gt

    [email protected]

    I can't say enough about the great customer service Rick has provided. Not only did I get some unbelievable deals on some parts, one showed up damaged and within minutes he had me a RA to send back the product even when he ended up losing money on the deal. Thanks again Rick! Customer for...
  9. Blown00gt

    1st Time Raptor Owner

    Ever since the Raptor came out I have always wanted one just couldn't pull the trigger. Got one last week and all I can say is every time I drive it I enjoy it more!! It has been a while since I have modded a vehicle as my Mustang was a money pit and I sold it a few years ago. I look forward...

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