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  1. GraniteGuy

    Refreshing red stripe on steering wheel

    Yes, I am an irascible old Curmudgeon and got my granny ******* in a twisted bunch. Sorry I posted photos of my filthy steering wheel. I had absolutely no idea the leather on the wheel was supposed to be matte finish. Tell me "nikhsub 1" - "What does your detailer use to clean your wheel - a...
  2. GraniteGuy

    Refreshing red stripe on steering wheel

    Sorry - I don't wash my hands every time I get in my truck, plus I work with my hands and they get a little dirty - no doubt your precious hands have never seen a callous. Plus this is what it looked like when it came from the dealership - this is the only Raptor I have been in and I did not...
  3. GraniteGuy

    Refreshing red stripe on steering wheel

    My 19 had issues with the red stripe. The Gen 2 requires a longer piece of leather than the Gen 1. Tried sewing on some red leather (thin Kangaroo hide died red) which I thought looked OK, but the wife asked why I had a red doughnut on the wheel. So I tried water based leather dye...
  4. GraniteGuy

    50 Years of 4 Wheel Drive - Finally a Ford!

    Just under 73k. This was the third truck I put an offer on and the first that someone had not beaten me there. I tried to get a leadfoot, black was my 2nd choice, but love it more now than leadfoot - till keeping it clean (part of the time) drives me nuts.
  5. GraniteGuy

    New Member from Montana

    I will keep an eye out for you - I am from the Bozeman area also. Raptors seem to be everywhere about here, including a lot just passing through. Very interesting camper!
  6. GraniteGuy

    50 Years of 4 Wheel Drive - Finally a Ford!

    Bought my first 4 wheel drive - a 1962 Willys Jeep in 1971. The 10 x 16.5 Goodyears came soon after the purchase. A succession of other General Motors trucks (some with 12 x 16.5 Goodyears - we didn't know any better or have much better) and another jeep have been fun. The later ones have...
  7. GraniteGuy

    2018 Raptor 802A - Lead Foot - 42k miles

    I can't seem to find your odometer reading anywhere -?
  8. GraniteGuy

    Need a new battery

    No body uses Optima? They are made to take a pounding.

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