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  1. dillard09

    SOLD..........(1) 2017 stock beadlock capable wheel and 37x12.50r17 Ridge Grappler

    Stock wheel from my 2017 and 37x12.50r17 that never seen the ground. It has been under a bedcover its whole life. $100 or make me an offer.
  2. dillard09


    Do any vendors here sale softoppers? I'm looking to get one in black for my 17 Raptor.
  3. dillard09

    Sold-------20x9 Rotiform Six-OR wheels in bronze

    4x Rotiform Six-OR 20x9 in Bronze. They were on my Raptor for a little around 3 years. They have some nicks but they clean up and look good. They will come with a full set of Gorilla lug nuts and TPMS. I had a listing with these and some tires and it no longer let's me edit it so im just...
  4. dillard09

    Sold- Rigid triple fog light kit

    Not sure on the brand of mount but looks like the Rigid pro lights. Flood, spot, and SAE. These came off my late father-in-laws 18 Raptor. Both the spots have issues on the lights as you can see in the pictures but they all did work when taken off about 8 months ago. New this is close to...
  5. dillard09

    4x - 2020 Beadlock capable wheels

    Selling for a friend.... he is good and trustworthy. He has 4 beadlock capable wheels off his 2020 Raptor. Wheels only. They had 10k miles on them. He is asking $1800 obo. They are located in College Station, TX and he prefers pickup. Hit me up here or 940-782-6613 Jake
  6. dillard09

    37x12.50r17 KM3s

    I'll be adding my bed rack soon and I currently have 37x12.50r17 KM3s on thw Rappy with about 25-30k miles on them. I want to add 2 wheels and tires to the rack and be able to drop them in my tire rotation so really don't wanna go new. If I can't find any used ill prob end up buying new and...
  7. dillard09

    Wheel studs

    Hey guys! So I have a wheel stud that is acting up on my last tire rotation. The lug nut fought me all the way off and all the way back on. Swapped lug nuts and the lug nut was good but the stud and another lug nut still tough. Just want to make sure this the correct studs? Going to...
  8. dillard09

    Brake dust

    So whats your method and favorite product for getting brake dust of wheels? I have been so busy running and gunning that mine has gotten pretty bad.
  9. dillard09

    LS Gen 4 Magnuson TVS1900 Supercharger

    Hey guys! So I had a project that I was working on that I was going to throw this on but changed plans and im staying N/A with it. This was never installed. The box was opened to look at it. It is a TVS1900 for rectangle intake port. Can see more about it on Magnuson website. Part number is...
  10. dillard09

    New Deavers or ?

    Anyone had an issue with Deaver +3SD sagging over time? Have about 75k on them. I have Fox coilovers in the front and very little preload and I feel like I'm right at level now or maybe a bit nose up but close. I have a single 37 mounted flat in bed now. I'll be adding a SDHQ tire carrier and...
  11. dillard09

    Bed bolts for rack

    So ill be installing the recently picked up SDHQ rack and wanna be prepared. Torque plus TP50 Remove all bedliner from on and around bolt heads Hit them the best I can with some lube Going to pick up some KHC bed bolts to go back in with. Anything else? For those that have removed the bed...
  12. dillard09

    Stock UCA and Tie rods - FREE

    GONE - These are stock UCA and tie rod ends off my 2017 Raptor. Pick up in College Station, TX
  13. dillard09

    SDHQ Bump Stop Pads - FREE

    GONE These are just the bump stop pads and u bolts. I don't have the top plates. Free. Pick up in College Station
  14. dillard09

    Free stuff

    Everything is gone to a local member on FRF. Sorry to the guys that wanted me to ship. Gone - RPG 1.5" collars Gone - 2x Baja Designs Squadron amber lens kit Gone - 2x Baja Design LP9 amber lens kit Gone - PDP Raptor mud flaps Gone - 1 set of stock mirror flood lights Gone - 1 stock non...
  15. dillard09

    Method Roost wheels

    I have a set of 4 Method Roost wheels in black. 17x8.5 with 0 offset. They are not perfect but still clean up pretty nice. Local pick up in College Station, TX $600 OBO
  16. dillard09

    17 front and rear shocks with CAS

    I have front and rear shocks off of my 17 Raptor. They have 100k on them so would likely need a rebuild. They will come with SVC C.A.S. Looking for $500. Pick up in New Braunfels, TX
  17. dillard09

    SVC UCA and stock Beadlock wheels

    Hey guys, I searched but couldnt find it. I have the SVC billet UCA being installed and looking at possible getting some 2019 Beadlock wheels and going full beadlock with them. But im not sure if you can run the stock +34 with the SVC UCA. Anyone know? Thanks Jake
  18. dillard09

    20" Rotiforms and 37x12.50r20 Ridge Grapplers

    Hey guys, Making some changes so I have some wheels and tires for sale 4 of 20x9 Rotiform Six-Or wheels in Bronze with used 37x12.50r20 Ridge Grapplers with some life left. Prob 10k or more left. One tire does go down and did have to put air in it from time to time. Will have to dismount to...
  19. dillard09

    Bed tire carrier for 37

    Will be moving up to a 37 soon and want to put a full size spare. I want to carrier it in the bed but it has to be secure and sit below the bed cover. Any suggestions?
  20. dillard09


    So when is the time to upgrade the stock intercooler? This is the first turboed vehical that I ever had. I have been reading that the stock intercooler is good for a stock vehical but where is the cutoff for the need to upgrade the intercooler? I currently have AFE intake, SPD edapter, Borla...
  21. dillard09

    Speeds different

    Is anyone's speeds different from digital display to the analog speedometer? When I set the cruise on the digital at 80 my analog shows 81-82. So which one do you go by? It looks like the cruise is set to the same as the digital speed says so is that the one to go bup?

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