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  1. Patrick Barry

    What drop down Trailer Hitch are you guys using?

    I have the smallest Weigh Safe (4" drop I think) for my TA cargo trailer.
  2. Patrick Barry

    A "Does this happen to you too question"........

    Yes - it happens to me not uncommonly. Usually drivers of Dodge Rams...
  3. Patrick Barry

    What Do You Use Your Fogs For?

    I have BD Squadron Wide Cornering SAEs with Amber lenses that I use for on-road use during foggy/snowy conditions. They work pretty well. I also have a pair of BD Squadron Wide Cornering Sport and a pair of BD Squadron Driving Combo Sports - only for off-road use.
  4. Patrick Barry

    I Can See at Night Now (BD S2 Reverse Kit)

    I installed the BD S2 Sports a few months ago - with the Uplifter Kit from - and they work great. No issues from the tailpipes or anything else. They tuck in nicely and are a huge improvement over stock!
  5. Patrick Barry

    New to me Raptor. Good timing with oil prices skyrocketing! LOL

    That 2008 S8 was an AWESOME vehicle. The V10 sound and smoothness; words simply fail. From there to a 2018 BMW M550 to a 2019 Raptor; my first truck. No looking back. The Raptor is SO MUCH FUN and I haven't even scratched it's potential...yet.
  6. Patrick Barry

    New to me Raptor. Good timing with oil prices skyrocketing! LOL

    Nice looking truck! My Raptor gets much better mileage than the V10 Audi S8 I used to have; you could just watch your mpg decrease noticeably while sitting at red lights. Really. One would think there were holes in the fuel system somewhere...
  7. Patrick Barry

    how big of drop hitch do i need to tow a car (5,500ish pound trailer)

    I had the same question a few weeks back and went with the 4" Weigh Safe hitch based upon what I was able to find, including: I just plan on towing a landscape trailer with no more than 7,000 pounds, often much less.
  8. Patrick Barry

    GEN 2 Anyone had to replace their windsheild?

    Glad to help. I have Farmers and they were great. The only thing I didn't like was the fact I had to drive into Seattle and spend a few hours at the glass shop. But, they did the job right and no subsequent issues. It cost me some $$ per my policy, but mileage will vary on that...
  9. Patrick Barry

    GEN 2 Anyone had to replace their windsheild?

    I had mine replaced a few months ago; went through my insurance company and insisted on OEM. I had to take it into their shop to have the new windshield "calibrated" to the truck so all the sensors would work as they were designed.
  10. Patrick Barry

    GEN 2 TPMS values on a 2019

    Same here. Ironically, I just checked this yesterday on my 2019. I used 2 gauges (to see if one of them was off (they weren't)) and found that each of the 4 tires was 2 lbs of pressure lower from what the TPMS stated.

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