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  1. Cobraman044

    sad news regarding corona raptor

    Wow, just sucks. Have not been on very much and coming back to such sad news. Well it sucks. Another great guy taken from this earth.
  2. Cobraman044

    Morimoto Announces NEW 2nd Gen XB Headlights for Gen2 Raptors

    Those mirror lights are sharp. How much work is it to install? I looked on the link above but did not see installation instructions.
  3. Cobraman044

    These guys can take a beating!

    Wow. How fast was she going? Probably on the phone and did not even see the stop sign. Do you have a dash cam that caught it all?
  4. Cobraman044

    Finally got one...2019

    congrats.. Nice color ;) You will not be disappointed.
  5. Cobraman044


    Not me and I use it pretty regularly. 42000 = ~$250
  6. Cobraman044

    Ford raptor diesel conversion!

    I have an ISB 170 project vehicle I am trying to sell. Just to lazy to finish it with all the other projects I have going on. Could be a possibility with all the electronics this has.
  7. Cobraman044

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    So that is where that pot of gold is!! I want to know if the rainbow followed you when you left.
  8. Cobraman044

    GEN 2 Had to say goodbye to friend today.

    Sorry for your lost. Know how you feel. We lost our 14 year old puggle this year also.
  9. Cobraman044

    New Member in South Carolina

    congrats Get ready to spend some money on mods now :)
  10. Cobraman044

    Key stuck in ignition

    Sounds similar to a common issue with Jeeps. The Transmission Position Sensor (TPS). It thinks it is not in park when it actually is. The difference is the Jeep will not start and says car not in park.
  11. Cobraman044

    How is Ford going to deliver on the Gen 3 Raptor with this chip shortage?

    I followed up on this with the person that is in the know about this. When the car manufactures gave up there share of the allocation of chips. Guess who stepped in and bought the shares... APPLE of course. Bastards! Guess that is why there is no shortage of apple products.
  12. Cobraman044

    How is Ford going to deliver on the Gen 3 Raptor with this chip shortage?

    I do not have all details. But this is what was explained to me. All AI type chips are allocated at a pre buy lot number. Ford had a very large lot before COVID. Ford thought sales would be very low and reduced there allotted number of chips to buy in order to save money. From my understanding...
  13. Cobraman044

    Truck will be sitting for 3-5+ months?

    Spot on here. This is how you store RVs as well. Starting them for short times hurt more than help.
  14. Cobraman044

    Carbon Fiber Mirrors

    I would be down for that!
  15. Cobraman044

    So much for significantly undercutting the trx msrp

    I was in the same boat at the end of 2019. Found a dealer that over bought. Had 6 of them and got it for $7200 off MSRP. That was a weird time for truck sales and they needed to get them off the lots. My local dealer even went and delivered it to me for free so that they had the sale on their...
  16. Cobraman044

    Mod upgrades

    Nice. The painted flares make the rims stand out.
  17. Cobraman044


    Wow Glad it was not any worse. At least it will be a funny story in the future.
  18. Cobraman044

    Finally found it......

    Very Nice! Congrats.
  19. Cobraman044

    Terrain Management troubleshooting

    Big thank you for this post!!!! I was getting the terrain management not available error. I was ready to take it to the dealer. Would have been embarrassed when they found I used an fuse tap on fuse 14 for my morimoto lights start up. Since it was suppose to be not used. Removed tap and it...
  20. Cobraman044

    10% Off Morimoto XB Headlights at

    I am very happy with mine as well. Sold my old ones on Faceb**k for 800 so I did not feel bad at all doing this upgrade.
  21. Cobraman044

    ZEN Nav TV issues

    I did the same. Over a year, never had one issue. "knock on wood"
  22. Cobraman044

    Audison Stereo upgrade

    Maybe this will help. There are a few more pics in my media page from when someone else request info. Sub Measurements 2 by Cobraman044 posted Dec 30, 2019 at 10:15 AM
  23. Cobraman044

    Audison Stereo upgrade

    I have the B&O system and used the Zen A2B

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