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  1. 98rangerdave

    Fox Shocks Rebuild

    Forged Off-road rebuilt my Gen 1 fronts and Gen 2 rears. Their turn around time is fast, the work is quality. Disclaimer: they will never answer their phone, and rarely answer email. If that doesn’t bother you, you’ll be in good hands.
  2. 98rangerdave

    2 New 2022 F-150 XLTs at Sticker. BOTH SOLD

    The only reason ADMs exist is because people are STILL paying them. If consumers stop playing this stupid game of grabbing their ankles and paying ADM, dealers would go out of business OR actually STOP charging ADM.
  3. 98rangerdave

    P219B after sparkplug change

    I second the canister purge valve. My 2012 was giving me a weird idle when coming to a stop AND every time I’d fill the truck past full with fuel, the engine would idle rough and stall out 2-3 times before finally starting and driving correctly. I swapped the purge valve and all problems went...
  4. 98rangerdave

    Go Fast Camper

    Love the GFC idea. Wasn’t in my budget though. I opted for Rightline gear bed tent. Sets up with the tailgate down so you get 7 feet of sleeping area. When I’m transport mode it’s no larger then two 1 gallon paint cans stacked. Weights less than 10 pounds including the fitted mattress and sleeps...
  5. 98rangerdave

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    Checking back to see the latest ADM willingly paid in excitement. Is 25k the highest bidder? Come on, there’s gotta be someone out there with deeper pockets… it’s a Ford guys, these are worth 200k easy. Lol
  6. 98rangerdave

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    I’ve already put up a $25 Starbucks gift card to the highest ADM payed on this forum. I’m really hoping to see a 100k ADM paid. Hahahahaha
  7. 98rangerdave

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    30k is the high bidder for the $25 Starbucks card, who’s gonna beat his ADM for the “win.”
  8. 98rangerdave

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    There’s someone out there ready to pay 100k over msrp. I’m here to congratulate their stupidity with some Starbucks money that’s all.
  9. 98rangerdave

    Official 2023 Raptor R Order Thread

    No order, but if someone can prove that they paid a $100,000 ADM I’ll zelle them $25 for some Starbucks runs. You’d be kidding yourself if you think this truck will sell at MSRP without some major dealer connection. I suspect $30,000 minimum ADM. But $75,000-$100,000 ADM won’t be uncommon.
  10. 98rangerdave

    Time for new tires

    Ko2s last about 21k miles before turning into slicks. They also measure about 2”-2 1/2” shorter than the stated sidewall size. I’d only buy BFG if they came with a second pair made by general or nitto for free.
  11. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    Not sure yet. Trying to convince the wife we need a real Gen 1 raptor but gas in so cal is almost $7 a gallon so it’s a tough sell. I can’t be without a truck for too long so we should be making some big moves 1st week of July.
  12. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

  13. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    I’m happy to hear some honesty. No offense taken. I always felt the stock look was a little to basic for my liking. I do wish it was an easier swap to get the center mounted shifter. I looking into it but there’s a lot involved.
  14. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    Yeah I think this is the market I’m trying to target. Not taking offense, but the 2 tone leather looks ugly compared to stock? See stock seat photo attached:
  15. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    That’s fair, I always knew the na v6 would make resale a little tougher, but wasn’t aware it would be like this. I was hoping to find someone who wants the big tires and raptor “look” but also the better mpg of the smaller engine. I know 16ish mpg is pretty hard to attain with the 6.2 on 37s...
  16. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    Updated price, please see above. Question for the Forum, is my pricing way off? I know must people on a Raptor forum probably aren’t looking for a “conversion” type truck. But I’ve had the truck posted for a few weeks on offerup and FB marketplace, over 4,000 combined views but not a single...
  17. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    Thank you. Not getting out of the truck game, just trying to get my hands on a cheap commuter for work and pick up a desert only truck that I can beat on.
  18. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    More photos:
  19. 98rangerdave

    2012 f150 w/Gen 1 conversion

    2012 f150 with a complete Gen 1 raptor suspension swap. ***enjoy the suspension/off road benefits of the Gen 1 Raptor but ALSO the MPG of the 3.7 v6. Gets 13.3 mpg city and 16 mpg freeway on 37s! Located in Apple Valley 92307 Price: $21,200.00 *Binder with all maintenance records/receipts...
  20. 98rangerdave

    Got to check out some Bronco Raptors today

    I also remember using landscape plastic edging to make extended fenders. Looks like garbage.
  21. 98rangerdave

    Stock BFG tread life?

    I can only share my personal experience with KO2s, you mileage may vary. KO2s are garbage, let me explain: 1. They are one of the highest priced brands but can’t compete with tread life among their peers. 2. KO2s measure MUCH smaller than advertised sidewall sizing (35s are barely 33” tall...
  22. 98rangerdave

    Urgent , need help if someone connected can assist! I know this doesn’t help RIGHT NOW, but they are available online.
  23. 98rangerdave

    ***PRICE DROP*** Alignment HD cams SPC 86252 / ICON bumpstop spacers / OEM rear bumps /6mm wheel spacers.

    Baja Racer XLs are sold. Everything with a price is still available.

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