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  1. Blown00gt

    Upgrading the B&O 18 package speakers… any suggestions?

    Tons of threads on here with a few vendors as well. Sound good audio sells a plug and play system that is pre tuned. All about how much you want to spend Navtv is a must. I like my active system that was tuned by Noah on here. Everything looks stock except for the subs under the seat.
  2. Blown00gt

    Clunk from rear, what is this thing?

    Need a heavier one for better launch.
  3. Blown00gt


    Eh 93 tune, 36/34 pressure, and just drive. I don’t have the patience to drive like a granny.
  4. Blown00gt


    Guess I do something wrong. 15.4 is my normal average.
  5. Blown00gt

    going to texas

    We have a Feltner’s Whataburger in Russlevile. Mom and pop shop that’s been a around forever. Now that is good!!
  6. Blown00gt

    going to texas

    Whataburger is overrated. Just saying. If it helps and you can stop near Arkansas I could pick it up and get it to Rick
  7. Blown00gt

    Nasty noise on every startup.

    Update does not fix the phasers if you already have rattle. It was to prevent it from happening. I will say I had no issues, got the update, then a few months later need phasers replaced.
  8. Blown00gt

    Bass options

    If you can put them under the seat I recommend 2 Audio Mobile 10’s with a custom box from Noah @ The Car Stereo Company.
  9. Blown00gt

    Audio Upgrade Complete

    You can change the chimes loudness through the Zen software.
  10. Blown00gt

    Audio Upgrade Complete

    I had the same issue with the Zen but Noah did some work with the company and some settings and it cleared it all up like factory. Did you run the Flax for all the speakers?
  11. Blown00gt

    What tires are everyone running?

    I currently have ridge grapplers and they are fine but liked my toyo rts better. Seemed softer and quieter.
  12. Blown00gt

    My Install Experience

    Ya Noah spent a few hours playing with mine making tweaks to it. End result was amazing.
  13. Blown00gt

    My Install Experience

    Well how does it sound? In all fairness not sure how much help tuning remotely would be. If you are trying to do all that would prolly have a shop or someone that knows what they are doing tune it in person. All the stuff you stated is why I had Noah jump on a plane and come see me lol.
  14. Blown00gt

    rear speakers

    I don’t think that’s going to be a very good representation. With the processor will change how the front sounds quite a bit. When tuned properly as Noah said you will have a stage where you can hear positioning of everyone. Live music tracks are pretty incredible in HD. I will also say for...
  15. Blown00gt

    Throttle Body & CAI

    In my opinion you are wasting money on any of these. I have ran bigger throttle bodies on vehicles before and have thrown codes, drivability issues in the past same with CAI. Not sure you see a difference unless running high boost, bigger ported heads, and all the supporting mods. CAI is...
  16. Blown00gt

    Suggestions from Audiophiles

    This is how Noah’s install placement is for subs. Takes the 3/4 seat space up.
  17. Blown00gt

    Suggestions from Audiophiles

    But in all seriousness, if Noah is that close and you need an installer he is top notch and great customer service. Unless he’s gotten too old to still install.
  18. Blown00gt

    Suggestions from Audiophiles

    Don’t do it. Will be costly……
  19. Blown00gt

    B&O Upgrades

    Not sure on the JLs however my Audio Mobile shallow 10s are some of the best subs I’ve heard for the money even compared to non-shallow subs. Not sure you can beat them for the price when needing shallow subs.
  20. Blown00gt


    I live in Cabot
  21. Blown00gt

    Bluetooth Call Echo with NavTV???

    Also I think if you do not follow the correct steps for updating it will brick the unit. I believe someone here had that problem.
  22. Blown00gt

    Bluetooth Call Echo with NavTV???

    Mine is perfect. Had some glitches when first installed however a firmware update fixed it. This was installed 3-4 years ago so may have been an older module.
  23. Blown00gt

    Nav - TV Zen-A2B installed, chimes sound weird?

    @The Car Stereo Company He fixed similar issues I had. I know the firmware was part of it however there was something different for the backup chime volume.
  24. Blown00gt

    Color Difference of XPEL Noticeable on White?

    Truck is dirty. You can see it but not too noticeable. This is a little over 3 years old

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