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  1. dblack

    Dash lights not working

    My dash lights seem to be working intermittently. Was driving in the rain with lights in auto and wipers on. Dash lights were on, looked down and they were off, but headlights were still on. Stopped truck, cut it off and the dash lights came back on. Cranked it back up, dash lights went off...
  2. dblack

    Wheel similar to TE37s?

    Anyone know of a wheel similar to the Rays TE37? I really like the look of the TE37 and the fitment on the Raptor, but want something that is a 17 instead of an 18, and that has center caps. Borrowed from another thread. I know the pics are of a Gen2, but the wheels would be for my Gen3.
  3. dblack

    Email/Letter to Ford Execs about QC

    I know this is Bronco-related, but thought it may be applicable to issues on Gen3s if anyone wants to draft a letter on behalf of Gen3 Raptor owners. I saw on the Bronco forums where someone sent a letter to Ford Execs about all the issues plaguing the Broncos and a lot of issues seem similar...
  4. dblack

    New noise after cam phasers

    Anyone have an idea what this may be? I picked truck up after cam phaser replacement Monday and first heard this noise Thursday while I was in a drive-thru and then again Friday when I cranked the truck. Definitely sounds like it's coming from the front of the engine and most certainly was not...
  5. dblack

    Light Wiring Advice

    I just ordered a triple bezel kit from Baja Designs and it is arriving tomorrow. I am somewhat familiar with electrical wiring, but wanted input from the experts before I start my install. I ordered the following: Baja Designs Squadron Pro Baja Designs SAE Wide Cornering Baja Designs S1 Wide...
  6. dblack

    Popping Sound in Reverse

    I have noticed what I would call a "popping" sound when backing up with the wheel turned clockwise. It doesn't have to be at full lock and I haven't really figured out how to replicate it regularly. It seems somewhat random, but it happened again today leaving daycare and I was able to stop at...
  7. dblack

    Identify this startup noise...

    Anyone have an idea what this clicking/ticking sound may be? It happened on cold start this morning. By the time I started recording, I had already backed up a few feet and then rolled the window down to start recording, so it did it for a good 10-15 seconds at least, if not longer. A couple...
  8. dblack

    Ford Customer Care User?

    What is the user name of the Ford Customer Care person on the site? I can't remember and am having trouble trying to search for it. Dealership did shoddy work on simple tasks (oil change, tire balance) and it's going back Monday for them to address but wanted some advice on how best to...
  9. dblack

    Beauty Ring Torque Specs?

    Tried searching (owner's manual and on here) but didn't see what I was looking for. If I remove my beauty rings from my 2019, what are the torque specs to reinstall them and do I need to use any locktite? Thanks!
  10. dblack

    Lomax cover - How did you adjust if it leaked?

    Had my truck in the rain for the first time since installing my Lomax bed cover and it leaked along the tailgate and the front of the bed near the cab. I figured this was a possibility as I'm new to trucks and installing bed covers... Some of that may have also been due to the fact that the...
  11. dblack

    Alabama Owners - Which Dealership for Maintenance?

    Specifically the Birmingham guys, just wondering which dealership(s) you use for routine maintenance like oil changes? I bought at Long Lewis River Region in Prattville, but Ernest McCarty is the closest dealership. Long Lewis in Hoover is what I'm leaning towards though. Thoughts or experience?
  12. dblack

    New owner in Alabama

    What's up? My name is David. I purchased a 2019 Magnetic SCREW last Thursday. It's got the 802A package, tech package, moonroof, heated rear seats, beadlock capable wheels, tailgate step and spray-in bedliner. I traded in my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, which I loved, but we just had a...

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