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  1. bringbackscab

    Method Bead grip plus 25 offset

    These are the 17” zero offset mr 701s in bahai blue if that helps. No rub with 35s
  2. bringbackscab

    Those that agreed on MSRP… who actually received their truck?

    While there are definitely those out there who are getting msrp just buying outright, but I wonder how many have traded in their gen 1 or 2's and taken a bath on the trade in on how the dealer is "hiding" the adm. On paper it looks great getting msrp, but if you agreed to trade your previous gen...
  3. bringbackscab


    While I can always appreciate ones motive in making a profit, I’d say take the money you’ve been offered and run. There are those with our current gens that, unless it’s a killer deal/trade wouldn’t even consider. Most of the “I need a 37” crowd has paid their kings ransom in Adm’s already and...
  4. bringbackscab

    Long time fan, first time post-er

    Nice choice!
  5. bringbackscab

    Long time fan, first time post-er

    Thanks! I would have loved to get a 19/20 so I could have just installed the eibach's instead of the rpgs, but first world problems right? I actually had an offer on a velocity blue scab in vegas but the ranger rover dealer wholesaled it to another dealer before I could get my hands on it...
  6. bringbackscab

    pcm internal memory problem post cobb

    I understand, hence when I uninstalled last evening, I had timed it on my phone at 60 seconds of waiting between both ecu and then tcm removal and the codes still popped again. There were no pending codes at the time of my uninstall. Both times they were on a battery maintainer (4 amps, but new...
  7. bringbackscab

    pcm internal memory problem post cobb

    I had just updated the cobb accessport to the most recent firmware. Confirmed with both Tyler/Kyle at cobb that everything was installed correctly by sending my diagnostics in. I had autozone clear the codes and they hadn't come back on, but then I felt uneasy so un-installed and the light came...
  8. bringbackscab

    pcm internal memory problem post cobb

    I took it to autozone for the read, 3 codes were generated regarding losing continuous memory. I had them clear them and they haven't returned as of yet. Did the uninstall to see what would happen and surprise, the dummy light is on again.... apparently I need to get a windows computer or figure...
  9. bringbackscab

    pcm internal memory problem post cobb

    Have you had the code again? Have you had any issues or tried to reflash or reset ecu/tcm? Appreciated your reply
  10. bringbackscab

    pcm internal memory problem post cobb

    Hello all hopefully someone has had a similar issue. I have a 2017 supercab, I just installed a new battery ~ 1 week ago with ~ 250 miles put on (battery put on maintainer first day). About a month ago I had the cam phasers 21n03 and the pcm reprogram 21n08 completed on my truck by dealer. I had...
  11. bringbackscab

    Long time fan, first time post-er

    Good morning/afternoon depending on where you're at. Been a long time fan of these forums and have learned a lot about my truck. Love the sense of humor and wealth of knowledge through all I have read. Bought my 2017 back in the end of 2019 in michigan (used ~20k on odometer) and drove back to...

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