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  1. Jaymare404

    looking for SVG for rear tailgate raptor logo

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had an svg file that they would be willing to share of the raptor logo that is on the tailgate that they know fits. I am wanting to use my cricut to make some forged carbon fiber cut outs for mine to match my front grill. Does anyone have any that will fit and...
  2. Jaymare404

    Raptor in a Hole

    So my family is building a new house, (no comments about current world situations please... we have heard them all...) and I decided to take some raptor pictures in the hole for our basement and on the dirt pile from our basement. (with the builders permission of course) I just wanted to share a...
  3. Jaymare404

    UPDATE: Cam phasers AND cam shaft failure

    well... my raptor is currently undergoing cam phaser surgery and I just heard back about the results. 3 of the 4 phasers went on without a hitch. The problem phaser, passenger side exhaust, cam off in 3 pieces AND there is a ridge on the camshaft that will not allow the new phaser to slide on...
  4. Jaymare404

    Diesel Clattering Cam Phaser Sounds?

    Ok, I have the cam phaser issue with my truck. Diagnosed and confirmed rattle on start and will be having them replaced on May 16 2022 by Ford. I have 80k on it. This is not the issue or question I have. I have read all the threads about everyone's phaser issues and hope that mine will all go...
  5. Jaymare404

    Anyone up for a Badlands Off Road Park trip?

    So I am just throwing this out there to see what could stick. I am located in Southern Indiana and have yet to really get my raptor out into the dirt and mud yet since I bought it. We also just bought a new camper and this gives me the perfect excuse to plan a trip to the Badlands Off Road Park...
  6. Jaymare404

    My raptor has a new friend (kinda?)

    So not long after I get my raptor, my wife decides that it is a truck and we can now do truck things with it. So we (she) decides that we should take the kids to the Louisville boat and rv show to just browse around. After walking around the show for a bit, we both find a sweet travel trailer...
  7. Jaymare404

    Hello from Southern IN

    Hi everyone, My name is Jason and I am now the proud owner of a 2017 raptor supercrew in Ingot Silver. I just purchased it used from a dealership that replaced all 4 tires with patagonia M/T's on the factory style beadlock capable wheels, and put all new brakes on it. It has the 802A package...

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