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  1. bmarco

    Gen 2 Ford Raptor OEM Beadlock 17" F150 Wheels - Early Version

    You still got these ? They come with TPMS ?
  2. bmarco

    fender flares oxidating flaking finish ?

    I've never done anything to protect the flares on my Gen2; assumed the color was molded in. No problems so far. Anyone got a recommendation for maintaining them ? Wax like the body ? 303 Protectant ?
  3. bmarco

    Lake Powell…Just as bad as Lk Mead? Maybe worse

    Think about this. Every single day, 200 people move to Phoenix from somewhere else in the country. 365 days a year. Development continues unabated. In southern AZ, there are massive industrial farms, mostly growing water hungry crops like alfalfa, owned by foreign corporations, mostly for...
  4. bmarco

    Rescue and Recovery…Tales from the Trail

    GREAT info, John, as always. Just got my second ankle replacement, recovery going well, hope to join you again for one of your adventures in a couple of months.
  5. bmarco

    Twin Point - Grand Canyon NP/GCPNM

    John, you are the original off-roading demon. Thanks for sharing those pics, inspiration for me getting off my *** and learning by example.
  6. bmarco

    Canks' 2020 basic ***** "build"

    Love your thread ! Can you tell me what radio you bought and where you mounted it ? Happy with it ? Struggling with whether to just go 60W to meet EXO requirement for Baja (I’ve scheduled twice, cancelled twice because of Covid but definitely still want to go) or upgrade to 110W. Will not do...
  7. bmarco

    Got my new blades and shoes!

    Thanks for the info. Go to PHX a lot, so I could do SDHQ too.
  8. bmarco

    Got my new blades and shoes!

    Where did you get the tires mounted ? Any difficulty ? Discount tire has a policy not to touch beadlocks. Had to browbeat them to mount tires on my wheels with the fake beadlock rims !
  9. bmarco

    Black Canyon Wilderness - A waist of time...

    As usual, great pics, John ! Presently in Boston helping a relative with MS but would love to hookup for a day of adventure on return !
  10. bmarco

    GEN 2 Cam Phase Fix via oil pressure?

    That is up in Flagstaff at 7500 ft and yes, we do get that much snow and WAY MORE in Flagstaff. That was just my truck’s first trip to the snow and it was unusually wet and heavy …. I only go there when I have to in the winter …… but in summer it’s consistently 20* cooler than my house in...
  11. bmarco

    GEN 2 Cam Phase Fix via oil pressure?

    Thanks, guys, have not checked my Ford Pass in a while, will do today. As to the alternative cures debate …… Delta is settling that. The FACT is that the approved vaccines work at extremely low risk. Why anyone would take the risk of unproven solutions is beyond me.
  12. bmarco

    GEN 2 Cam Phase Fix via oil pressure?

    I have an ‘18, have never had any rattle (about 15k miles) and never received any notification from Ford. My truck has never been to the dealer. Do I need to bring it in for the calibration upgrade ? Does the upgrade cure the problem ?
  13. bmarco

    Mines & Coves Searchlight NV

    Sure hope you and Bailey got to go swimming ! Sorry I missed it but not good at buffing out scratches, will seriously need advice/tips !
  14. bmarco

    Raptor Ridge

    Thank you again, John, for inviting Fritz and I on this great ride as well as sharing your experience and insights in general. I'm sure Fritz and I will be spending a lot of $ in the next few weeks thanks to you, lol ! I was amazed at how much off-roading/hiking you have done in the southern NV...
  15. bmarco

    Jonny V's Raptor Build

    Can someone explain why the videos in this thread show as being “unavailable” and/or how to access them ?
  16. bmarco

    The Land B4 Time Ridge

    Will do ! Thank you !
  17. bmarco

    The Land B4 Time Ridge

    Hey, John, what time are you heading out ? Still got a space in your truck ? (Wife has my truck up in Flag, may or may not get it back by Friday, lol.
  18. bmarco

    Down to The Colorado River 6-24-21

    Hey, John, I am game anytime. Splitting my time between Kingman and Flagstaff for the summer but can come from Kingman at the drop of a hat ! Go to Vegas a lot.
  19. bmarco

    Down to The Colorado River 6-24-21

    Can you describe where exactly that trail is down to the river ???
  20. bmarco

    Who are these @$$holes paying crazy ADMs?

    I have bought my last 2 high demand vehicles in the midwest, live in AZ where Raptors also command high ADM's. Beat AZ prices by a lot, well worth the trip to go get them and drive home. Bought my GT350 from a dealer in MO who caters to farmers (said it was the only Mustang they had sold, only...
  21. bmarco

    Clash of the dirt dinosaurs

    In the C & D off-road comparison test, the TRX got 4 mpg off-road, 9 on-road. Surprised no one mentioned that it weighs close to NINE THOUSAND POUNDS. The TRX they tested listed for $90k. I paid $58k for my '18, 802a, all the mechanical upgrades (didn't need no stinkin' sunroof, lol). Can I...
  22. bmarco

    Explain beadlock capable please

    If you wanted bead locks, are there lighter/stronger aftermarket wheels available ? If so, how much would the price premium be over buying the beadlock capable wheels and then upgrading them ?
  23. bmarco

    Cell Phone Mount

    If anyone is interested in green2cm’s mount, I did a search. Lots of sites list it as out of stock @$34.99. I found one site that has it on sale, in stock, for $17.50 plus automatically gave me another discount as a new customer. In the end, $12.25 shipped !
  24. bmarco

    2018 Stock Beadlock Wheels (2) with TPMS sensors - $275 Shipped

    I will come pick them up whenever you like or sometime later this week if ok with you.