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    Any improvements for the folding rear underseat storage?

    I really dislike the folding storage compartment under the rear seats in my Gen 3. I have a lot of stuff I used to keep in the narrow compartment under the rear, driver's side passenger seatback in my Gen2. Rope, utility knife, gloves, flashlight, etc. This was super useful and the space was...
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    HVAC fan weak?

    Anyone else find that the max fan speed on the HVAC system is just not that powerful? When I put the truck on max A/C - the air is pretty cold, but the velocity and volume is just not that high compared to other cars. It feels like the max fan setting is only 8/10 of what it should be. The...
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    Gen2 features missing from the Gen3

    I have 2500 miles on my Gen3 35 and I love it, it's improved in almost every way from my 2019 Gen2. But not every way...there are a few things I miss! 1. Gear display. The Gen2 could show me which gear the truck was in at all times. The Gen3 does not. 2. Gear lockout. The Gen2 could lock out...
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    Turn signal don't cancel immediately?

    Let's say I'm on the highway and fully activate a turn signal (i.e. not the half-press that gets you three flashes). About 50% of the time when I manually cancel, it continues to flash three times before turning off. The other 50% of the time, it turns off immediately like you'd expect. This...
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    HVAC not so powerful? And other complaints

    Has anyone else noticed the heating and A/C is just not that powerful on their Gen3? 1. Even cranked up to "HI" temperature and max fan speed, the air is more like "very warm" than hot, and it's not blowing that fast. Both in temperature and in speed it feels like it's set one notch below what...
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    Shudder / vibration while stopped in drive?

    Anyone else notice that, when stopped in Drive, you can feel a slight shudder from the engine, mainly through the seat? It goes away if I shift to Park or Neutral, or increase RPMs even slightly with my left foot on the brake. Idle shows 500 - 600 RPM on the dash at this point. It's not really...
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    Need more turbo noise

    I liked being able to hear the turbos in my Gen2, but I can't hear them at all in the Gen3. The exhaust is louder and that sounds good, but I need to hear the turbos doing their thing. What can I do about this?
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    PSA: The external lock buttons are touch-sensitive

    I have been getting frustrated with the button on the external door handle that locks the truck as you walk away. It felt like no matter how hard I pushed on it, it was super difficult to get a button press to register. The button was very stiff, like there was some kind of clearance issue or...
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    Passenger seat cushion tilt adjustment?

    My gen3 has no tilt adjustment motor on the passenger side horizontal seat cushion. Only overall seat height and recline angle. The switch moves in the tilt direction but it does nothing, and I looked under the seat and there is no motor. This seems like a silly thing to leave out on an $80k truck.
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    Where is the rear axle vent supposed to be clipped?

    I was looking around under my gen 3 today. Found this tube hanging loose in the driver's side rear wheel well. Looks to be the rear axle vent. It is clipped to another hose on the inside of the frame rail but otherwise is just dangling loose in the wheel well - and you can see an unattached...
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    Exhaust rattle on cold start?

    Just got my gen3. Something under the truck is rattling on a cold start - either the exhaust on a hangar bracket or something in the exhaust itself. Seems to go away once the truck is warmed up. Any common issues here to know about?
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    Oil temperature

    My 2019 had an oil temperature gauge in the "Measurements" page. My new 2021 does not. Seems like a silly thing to leave out, is there any way to get access to it (I'm assuming not).
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    How does the "feel" compare to the gen2?

    I have a 2019 Raptor which I got a great deal on (used) a year ago. I like it a lot - the solid feel, the (somewhat) heavy steering, the typical truck judder over bumps. It feels like a tank. My other car is a Porsche GT4, so I like the contrast. I have an opportunity to buy a Gen3 at a pretty...
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    What is the expected current for the Live Valve shocks in each mode?

    I was flying down some trails in NV in my 2019 when all of a sudden things started getting very bumpy. Maybe it was the trail but it didn’t look that much worse. I started to think maybe the LV shocks were acting up. I played with the settings a bit and realized I couldn’t feel any difference...
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    New-to-me 2019: big bounces on concrete highway

    I bought a 2019 Raptor from Carmax a week or so ago. Its in-service date was October 2019 - someone put 26,000 miles on it in just over a year of ownership (during the pandemic in California, no less). I had a surprising moment this morning driving on a concrete highway section near my house -...