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    Toyota Guy Going Over The Dark Side

    Well FTO, no need to get your frilly underwear all disarrayed! You win, okay.…as your forum name suggests, you’re the well trained expert, and in short, I’m simply nothing more than a “loyal and brainwashed” former member of the audience…lol. Fortunately Toyota’s innumerable shortfalls have...
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    Toyota Guy Going Over The Dark Side

    I drove a 2006 Tacoma TRD Off Road for 16 trouble free years, excellent, reliable pickup. Mid April I traded it for a new 22 Tacoma TRD Pro (MSRP for the Pro, but only 4K less trade value than what I paid new for the 06) as I had given up on getting the Raptor I have (still) ordered. Another...
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    White Spots on Bed Plastics

    Thanks Good to know, thanks for the info.
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    White Spots on Bed Plastics

    As the flares are plastic as well, even though they are painted, could they be affected? I’ve read about numerous paint issues with them, could that be because some of them have been ceramic coated?
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    Spoiler Alert. Moab is nuts!

    I attended three weeks ago, same thoughts as yours, incredible how capable, and fun these pickups are!
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    Spoiler Alert. Moab is nuts!

    Great photo’s, Moab is a gem! What’d you think of Raptor Assault?
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    Why did you choose Avalanche grey?

    Good grief, lighten up! It’s just a thread, one of many. But as its duplication is irritating you, the sun will still likely rise tomorrow, and thereafter if you ignore it, and move on.
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    And exactly this, stay the course!
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    I’ll throw in here, though I’m a huge fan of CO, it isn’t your first choice, it’s a “it’ll do for now” choice. Not many fans of CO on this thread, understandable as you have AMB (beautiful color) spec’d, but that’s why there are a number of color choices available to appease most everyone. That...
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    Happy Orangversary! I attended Raptor Assault as well, what a hoot! It definitely reinforced my purchase decision, as you know it’s a very well instructed experience, our pickups are hugely capable! Mine is still fresh (900 miles) but every time I drive or look at it, I smile…
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    Raptor Hat

    I bought a couple nice t-shirts, and the hat. They give you one t-shirt exclusive to Raptor Attack, you can’t buy it.…along with some other cool “swag” in a bag. You’re going to have a good time. It’s all nicely done…dinner the night before, lunch on the trail, great photographer that follows...
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    Raptor Hat

    Yes, of course t shirts, as well as polos, long sleeve shirts, jackets, posters, etc. Nice facility, cool experience, well worth the trip!
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    35 vs 37 package

    It appears to me there are more non fans of the 37’s than fans…there, that takes care of the “hate” debate.
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    35 vs 37 package

    It appears to me there are more haters of the 37’s than fans. I very much like the look of the 37’s, and after driving one recently, I came away not noticing any difference in acceleration (seat of the pants that is) versus my 35, and a definite difference off road (suspension seems to feel more...
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    Raptor Hat

    I purchased this one a little over a week ago, but I had to go to Utah to get it…excellent school, cool hat!
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    New 22 Raptor

    Beautiful Raptor (they all are for that matter), Congratulations! Feels GREAT doesn’t it?
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    22 Raptor Trade

    I’m just curious, and truly not opening a debate, or dissing you in any way….if you’d rather not be noticed, why did you purchase a Raptor? They are quite noticeable…why not something nondescript that’ll get you where you need/want to go, a 4x4 XLT, or even a 4x4 Lariat?
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    22 Raptor Trade

    Lot of haters of the tailgate panel, but it’s a personal preference, and my personal preference is to have it. It’s part of the Raptor identity, instantly recognizable, and exclusive to the Raptor.
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    What do you call this part?

    I opened and closed mine just a moment ago just to double check, it opens with a light push, and another push to enable the auto close. Actually kind’ve cool how it quietly closes, and the carbon fiber looks great!
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    New Gen 3 Owner in Kansas City, MO

    Nice Raptor, and congratulations. If you‘re considering a drive to CO or UT, I’d suggest signing up for the Raptor Attack experience at the Ford Performance Center in Tooele, UT. It’s free with the purchase of a new Raptor…just in case you weren’t aware of that.
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    Baja mode for daily commute?

    That it is! I just returned from Raptor Assault as well, what a hoot! Yes, Baja mode is a blast, soaks up huge bumps with ease, it’s a game changer on the trails at speed. It completely transforms the pickup into a confident, very responsive, comfortable trail runner…it’s “Sport mode for the...
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    Gen 3 amber parking lights flashing

    Ok, thanks for the update. Drivers side for mine is still flickering initially, then as far as I know it stops, I don’t know what it’s doing as I’m driving.
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    Need help with pricing

    Good for you, it’s a great feeling, I smile every time I approach mine and it lights up to greet me.
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    Is Gen 3 37PP Beadlock ring vanity or functional? Any Ford Techs that can help here?

    Ask Ford, as you ultimately did, but dismissing the information you asked for on this forum? You’re arrogant, and that’s a total D I C K move…period.