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    Another interior rattle thread

    I’ve been searching for the source of two rattles I’ve been experiencing. The truck is 2018 with 22k miles and have never been offroad. 1. Interior rattle/creaking seems to be coming from the rear seat area. It sounds like the seatbelt hitting plastic. Everyone here seems to thing it is sunroof...
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    Carmax offered 83k on 79k msrp 2021 raptor

    Not sure what’s going on with the market anymore. 83k on fully loaded 2021 with 1700 miles seems awfully low. 2 months back I was offered 89k for a base 22 trx with 75k msrp and remember couple people here being offered 85k on the base raptor.
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    Add pro bolt on bumper and inter cooler shutter

    Looking to get a pro bumper either svc or add. But don’t want to disable the shutter motor functionality as it prevents condensation in the inter cooler. Has anyone been able to install these bumpers by just cutting into the plastic surround shroud and still kept the shutters functional?
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    Code orange vs gen2 race red pictures

    Race red does look a bit orange and code orange a bit red in real life. Both look great
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    Why is this 2018 raptor gen2 with carbon fiber package doesn’t have a carbon fiber console bin cover?

    I’ve seen pictures of the carbon fiber package online but can’t seem to find out why this 802a package with carbon fiber doesn’t have a carbon fiber bin cover. Anyone that knows a background on 2018 model builds please chime in
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    My gen3 vs trx comparison

    My brother and I both own identical base with no option TRXs and we just picked up a gen3 in SoCal for 10k over for him and I’m still waiting to get mine hopefully at a better price. Got a chance to drive drive it back home for 200 miles or so and here is what it boils down to. Raptor is a more...
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    Covp program bypassing allocation Seems like orders placed through this program do get picked up and the dealer is given additional allocation for the order. I know there are lots of unscheduled clean orders that...
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    Anybody in SoCal wants to do trx vs gen3 head to head comparison ??

    So both of these trucks have been out for months and and I have yet to see a head to head comparison on YouTube or car magazines. If anyone down in SoCal is willing to meet in person we can shoot a video and have some fun.
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    Motor trend review
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    C&D review
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    Which dealer has 2022 allocation at msrp

    Given the limited allocations left on 2022 model and the countless number of dealers spread across, finding allocations is not going to be s trivial task. I have called 3 of the biggest and most reputable Ford dealers within 500 miles radius and all of them have stopped taking reservation for...
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    So much for significantly undercutting the trx msrp

    I’m a bit disappointed with price of gen3 2020 screw 800a package was 58k plus 3.5K for 801a 2021 starts at 66k plus 6.5k for 801a. That’s a huge price increase for baseically the same drivetrain and arguably same if not worse exterior design. Gen2 model was always considered a value compared to...
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    Trx curb weight vs gen3

    Hi everyone, first time posting here. I had the pleasure of owning a scab gen2 for a year prior to switching to a gladiator but have been finding on the gen3 section since the intro couple months ago and slowly but surely developing an itch to jump back once gen3 becomes available. I’m...
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    Non appliqué with step tailgate for appliqué

    Hi I have a 2019 avalanche white non appliqué tailgate and would like to trade with one with appliqué. I’m I. SoCal
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    SoCal Looking to buy ADD front and rear bumpers

    Mainly looking for pro version bolt on. Please let me know