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  1. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Is Gen 3 37PP Beadlock ring vanity or functional? Any Ford Techs that can help here?

    Can someone confirm that the beadlock ring on the gen 3 37PP is functional or not? Looking for someone who actually works for Ford or can show me where it states it either way. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Anybody else add pinstripes to their Raptor??

    Raptor doing Jeep stuff in some tight trails and got some pinstripes and frame art in the process LOL
  3. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Ford Split Happening! The actual spinoff of the units probably won't happen for a while though.
  4. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Ford F-150 Raptor R Order Books Will Open Up In Fall 2022: Exclusive
  5. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Raptor R is for real!!
  6. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Anyone thinking about Hutchinson beadlock rims on their Gen3?

    Seems like this is the only true legit beadlock rim that secures both the inside and outside bead. Not cheap but worth it if you want to air down to the max without worrying about losing your bead.
  7. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Chip shortage to persist for who knows how long!

    With all the new EVs relying on computer chips, the internet of things, 5G network infrastructure being built-out, and all the new technology being introduced in the car industry plus a bunch of other industries needing these chips there is a major shortage of the silicone used to manufacture...
  8. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    I know this isn't DTP but it's not a good sign.......
  9. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Need air horns or is stock horn Legit on Raptors?

    I'm going with it needs air horns.......this is going to be fun!
  10. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Ford got chips, and not the salty kind!
  11. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Missouri train derailment to delay Raptor deliveries?

    Anyone have a handle on what's going on with this. Curious to see if it will impact Raptor deliveries.
  12. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Anyone know if the 2021 Raptor Diff is 9.75"?

    I looked at the spec sheet and couldn't find this info. Just looking at aftermarket diff covers.
  13. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    2021 Gen3 Raptor production delays were previously announced. published the article below back on June 30th that announced the upcoming reduction in shifts from 3 down to 2 at the Dearborn Truck Plant for the weeks of July 12th, 19th and 26th. See link below. Some of us were scheduled prior to the announcement, me being one of them, and...
  14. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    Anyone take their Gen3 2021 Raptor VIN and get an insurance quote?

    Got a quote for full coverage @ $996 annually in NJ.
  15. RaptorWhoSaysNI

    First Raptor ever, it's finally time!!

    March of last year I finally made the decision to pull the trigger and pick up a Raptor. I was always a fan of the trophy trucks and their long travel coil over suspension. When I heard the Gen3 was getting rid of the rear leaf springs for coil overs I was all in. After many months of waiting...