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  1. Frogger22

    The not new guy?

    Hello, I’m your friendly neighborhood Frogger22! At the start of covid, after over 5 years and 120k miles of ownership I sold my white 2014 Gen1 (RIP) to finally start using my GI Bill and go to Uni. And on that fateful day I vowed, to the old gods and the new, that I would one day return for...
  2. Frogger22

    2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

    2021 TRD Pro 4Runner in white - $65,000 - 9,000 miles - tinted windows and clear bra - RSG Sliders - fully blacked out badging
  3. Frogger22

    2022 Ford Lightning

    So Ford has an announcement page for the coming 2022 Ford Lightning, but still can't get good info on the "2021 Raptor" :buttkick:......Noice Ford Lightning
  4. Frogger22

    Will Raptor R be limited?

    Hey guys, I was just curious your thoughts if they do indeed bring the R to market. Will the Raptor R be a limited special edition truck where they only have very limited allotment or will it be a mass produced anyone that wants one could order one situation?
  5. Frogger22

    Genuine life expectancy for the Gen1?

    As the title says what do you all generally expect for life from our trucks? On a scale of 1 (Keanu Reeves who never ages) to 10 (Jeffery Epstein....who didn’t last long) how long do these trucks have ?
  6. Frogger22

    100,000 mile service

    Just finished complete top to bottom 100,000 mile service through Ford and it was a bit step but will more than pay for itself long term I’m sure. Got to treat your girl right know what I’m saying? :pedobear:
  7. Frogger22

    UFC/Special Forces sniper Tim Kennedy shows the ride wFYuyMQLQic
  8. Frogger22

    Used 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Truck SuperCrew Cab | Denver, CO

    Driving around and saw this sitting out front of Ford Dealership today (was obviously the trophy truck right on the street) just thought I would throw it out there for anyone looking Used 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Truck SuperCrew Cab | Denver, CO...
  9. Frogger22

    Merry Christmas

    :flipthebird: Merry Christmas you wankers! Especially to those boys down range :patriot: Enjoy a cold one this year! :favorites13:
  10. Frogger22

    GOBI Roof Racks

    Hey guys, GOBI roof racks is an awesome company in Colorado that is breaking out into the Ford Raptor world! Thought you guys might like to see what Racks they offer. They took photos of them on my truck so you can see what they have! They can sell racks with or without the lights! Check out...
  11. Frogger22

    Happy 4th of July!

    :patriot: Wishing you all a happy and safe 4th of July! :patriot: Especially to all the troops deployed! God bless brothers! :happy160:
  12. Frogger22

    Checkin in from across the world

    Whats up my fellow adrenaline junkies! My name is James and I am active duty US Navy currently on deployment to the Middle East doing a little of this and a little of that! I hail from the lands of Colorado and am hoping to return there again soon! I been lurking around for a few years, but...