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  1. AutoXRacer

    Anyone Experience Back Discomfort in Drivers Seat?

    Anyone feel discomfort in your back sitting in the driver's seat? I am feeling discomfort in one particular spot on my back. I try adjusting my body position without change / improvement. Can't figure out what it is... don't have this issue in any of the other cars. Started since day one of...
  2. AutoXRacer

    Lame Ford Horn...Options?

    I'm shocked at how puny the Raptor horn sounds. Are there any bolt on options for a manlier horn? lol Something that commands attention and doesn't sound like a Prius horn? Not interested in train horns or anything obnoxious like that.
  3. AutoXRacer

    What is Ford Streaming?

    I just got a notice that my "Ford Streaming" is expiring. I have no clue what this is other than it has something to do with Alexa. Anyone use this feature? Is it worth $20 per month?
  4. AutoXRacer

    Powered Tailgate Issue

    Is anyone's powered tailgate making noises...? Mine recently developed a LOUD plastic snapping a rigid plastic panel is being flicked creating a snapping sound right before the tailgate closes. Concerning is that I saw broken orange plastic bits inside the tailgate slots (thinking...
  5. AutoXRacer

    Interior Lights - Options?

    I had read a thread where a forum member bought F150 interior lights and was able to install them in his Gen3. I checked my Gen3 doors and I noticed there are slots over the door pockets; under the arm rest. These look like slots where lights / lens would snap into. Question: Can we buy...
  6. AutoXRacer

    Wait!! What!!?? Plastic Drain Plug...?

    I have never seen a vehicle with a plastic oil pan drain plug; except for my riding mower. What the!!?? Seems like it needs to be replaced at every oil change? Anyone use this type of replacement drain plug? EDIT 5/4 Ok, Fordtech set me straight... The Gen3s do not have composite pans nor...
  7. AutoXRacer

    LED Anti-Theft Flasher

    Hi, anyone install this yet? I'm interested in it as my Mustangs aftermarket alarm has a bright LED at the center of the windshield which is a convenient indicator that the vehicle is locked/armed.... avoids me from having to check the doors... lol Anyone know where this LED installs / is...
  8. AutoXRacer

    Windshield Screen Screen

    What is the best fitting and effective windshield sun screen for the Gen3? I live in Florida....sigh I did a quick search and didn't see anything for the Gen 3... Would the Ford accessories one be the best? Part No: VML3Z78519A02A F-150 2021-2022 UVS 100 CUSTOM SUNSCREEN
  9. AutoXRacer

    So The Raptor is not based on a Dinosaur...

    So the Raptor is not based on a dinosaur.... Its based on the F-22 fighter plane!! Sorry if this has been posted previously... Just found out about it now.
  10. AutoXRacer

    I'll take a Raptor with a 5.0L please...

    I'll take a Raptor with a 5.0L please... And I'll slap one of these... No need for an R... lol
  11. AutoXRacer

    Raptor Engine

    Being new to the Raptor platform, is the Raptor engine "special"? Meaning, is it like a GT500, Ford GT, and Boss 302 motors that were supposedly hand assembled? Or is it the run of the mill 3.5 Ecoboost found across Ford's lineup of vehicles? Does the 3.5 HO motor share anything with the new...
  12. AutoXRacer

    WTF!!?? Is This True!!?? Ford to Ship Incomplete Builds.

    Ford to ship incomplete vehicles to dealer...chip hold potentially 1 year!!??
  13. AutoXRacer

    Standard pickup trucks range from 12 to 70 MPG.

    Looking at my window sticker, at the fuel economy section, it says standard pickups range from 12 to 70 MPG. What truck does anything over 20 MPG? And it adds best vehicle rates 142 MPGe. What the!!??