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  1. Jeff550

    Grinding in 2wd AND 4wd Gen 2 - Not wastegate, not IWE solenoid or check valve,

    if it doesnt make noise while sitting still. it is most likely the IWE. What you have replaced is usually not the issues. the IWE actuators are the part that fail, and the hose. take the suspension apart and inspect / get a hand vacuum and see if it holds pressure.
  2. Jeff550

    *ON HOLD* RPG Traction Bars, Gen 2

    These didnt fit with the Icon leafs?
  3. Jeff550

    Hidden winch mount with aftermarket bumper?

    Pretty much you cant use a frame cut bumper with the hidden mount without some custom fab work.
  4. Jeff550

    Rescue and Recovery…Tales from the Trail

    Heres a good one.
  5. Jeff550

    Nevada Desert Trip

    Hey, I saw you did it with Laura right? Im the recovery director for Vorra! looked like fun. Weather is throwing some curve balls for this race.
  6. Jeff550

    Looking for 3.0 Live Valves

    they are new and 10% off
  7. Jeff550

    Suspension Upgrades for Your Gen 2 Raptor!

    Ive got some race series front shocks in stock.
  8. Jeff550

    Looking for 3.0 Live Valves

    OE? or Ive got race series 3.0s
  9. Jeff550

    Best Front Suspension Upgrade

    More like Geiser only makes offroad springs that sag lmao. Clearly you have no experience with Eibach or the millions of Eibach springs on all kinds off offroad cars
  10. Jeff550

    Another one! Front End Suspension Rebuild

    Take the shocks off and the springs and see if the shock is making the noise.
  11. Jeff550

    WTB Fox 3.0 DSC 2010-2014

    I dont have any G1 stuff left at the moment.
  12. Jeff550

    Engine bay light?

    Baja design dome light is what youre looking for. Its all in 1. I can get you set up with them.
  13. Jeff550

    WTB Fox 3.0 DSC 2010-2014

    You still looking?
  14. Jeff550

    Another one! Front End Suspension Rebuild

    Those things are extremely bad. We have a refinish process but the corers of the resi and the aluminum cap may be shot when you start tearing into those things.
  15. Jeff550

    Mud on inside of rims, out of balance

    Welcome to the world of offroad. Use a hose.
  16. Jeff550

    GEN 1 Morimoto XB problem--pic update

    Morimoto has these issues. contact them and see if they have an updated batch
  17. Jeff550

    GEN 1 RPG or SVC UCA & Tie Rods

    SVC is the way to go. RPG bolt design and customer support is poor.
  18. Jeff550

    Another one! Front End Suspension Rebuild

    The shims are not a wear item and are not needed. Forged offroad has the complete strut mounts with hardware for future reference. Also, should look into shock rebuilds. same you a bunch of $$.
  19. Jeff550

    Time for UCAs. Keep it stock or upgrade to aftermarket?

    Nothing wrong with OE type arms. With corrosive harsh weather arms such as SVC have to covers that seal the top. All aftermarket performance heim/ uniball / poly bushing arms require more/ constand maintenance like lubing the joints to keep them operating smooth and quietly.
  20. Jeff550

    Info needed: NEW Fox 3.0 LW vs. Eibach coil vs. Collars for 37s?

    Depends. Forged-offroad usually has gen 2 shocks in stock .
  21. Jeff550

    GEN 1 Weird Stalling Out

    all stalling or no start issues are from fuse 27 unless proven otherwise. relocate it asap
  22. Jeff550

    Deaver +3HD vs +4HD (Confused after all the researching)

    Do you have weight in the bed? looks too low in the back if its empty