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  1. yang88she

    SVC Mojave Rear Bumper

    Pretty sure you have to relocate the spare to the bed, been going back and forth with the Mojave and ADD rear Bolt on for different reasons and purposes
  2. yang88she

    2019 Ingot Silver in GA

    Congrats and welcome fellow GA member!
  3. yang88she

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Thank you @Simplejack for the builtright bed panels! Took longer than it should have, put the bed cleat on upside down, then inside out..and was completely sober with no beers, but it’s finally done!
  4. yang88she

    What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

    Nice, what brand are those bed supports?
  5. yang88she

    Sold - close thread.

    If the short and long arm riser mounts are available for $70, I will take them shipped to 30290. Thank you!
  6. yang88she

    Overlanding, off-roading, mountaineering...? Whatever you want to call it. Truckin'.

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing the write up and pictures. Definitely on my “to do” list to hit the west for a week long excursion.
  7. yang88she

    WHAT THE HOLY MOTHER OF BFG?? If this doesn't convince you to get KM3 MT?

    Whoa! Not sure if it’s the photo filter or lighting but it looks like your beauty ring got beaten up, time to upgrade to the bead lock rings
  8. yang88she

    Best brakes for my 18 Beadlock OEM wheels? Recommendations for a mechanic or shop?

    No complaints with R1 oem replacement pads and rotors on 19 headlocks
  9. yang88she

    *****SOLD***** Please Close**Builtright rear bed panels

    I will take them if you can ship to 30290. Thank you!
  10. yang88she

    Sup Bois from AK. Tundra to Raptor

    Congrats! I came from a Tundra also, better tech, ride, and gas mileage.
  11. yang88she

    8-Hrs Later!-Raptor VS Cat’s Claw, Bushes & Cedar Trees!!

    Character marks n glad to see your rig isn’t a street queen
  12. yang88she

    New to me Gen 2. LOVE IT

    Welcome and congrats!!
  13. yang88she

    GEN 2 Borne Off-Road Raptor Snorkel R&D Thread

    Good to see it can work with the stock intake box and run through the factory fender vent. I'm assuming the factory air filter would still be in use, but what would happen to the front "cold air" intake area above the grill? Since the water would certainly still get in through there, if it's...
  14. yang88she

    Gateway area, CO Dirt, rocks, weeds ...

    Awesome pictures, thank you for sharing! definitely want to make it out west and checkout Colorado.
  15. yang88she

    Long time lurker first time joiner :)

    Awesome Rig, welcome, and congrats! Personally use ko2’s 37’s with factory BL and eibachs
  16. yang88she

    Warbird Gen 2

    Congrats and great looking rig!
  17. yang88she

    New to me Lightning Blue ‘17

    Congrats and Welcome!
  18. yang88she

    GEN 2 Keeping Our 2 Crew.

    Me ‍too Almost 1 year and 14k miles in December. No complaints and few mods later, all smiles. It’s my weekend warrior/ “dad truck” and going to be with me a long time.
  19. yang88she

    NEW HERE!! 2017 raptor owner!

    Welcome and I 2nd Freedom Motorsports I got the R1 drilled and slotted rotors and pads, no complaints…other than I should have just gotten slotted since I do a fair amount of trail riding and mudding.
  20. yang88she

    GEN 2 Unofficial Official Rays Wheels Thread!

    Wow, looks so good!! always been a fan of Volk’s